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Cloud Microphones - Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator - YouTube
EposVox recommended this mic-gain jobbie for use with dynamic mics (as of March 2019).
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15 days ago by handcoding
Ocean microphones may have recorded lost Malaysian jet's crash … thousands of miles from search sites • LiveScience
Tom Metcalfe:
<p>As well as two matching sound events recorded by the CTBTO hydrophones at Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, the researchers found two sound events recorded by the hydrophones at Diego Garcia that could match the sounds of an airliner hitting the ocean.

Their directional bearings and timings indicated that they both occurred somewhere northwest of Madagascar — thousands of miles from the areas where searchers have looked for wreckage of the aircraft.

But the ocean is a noisy place, and Kadri said the underwater sounds might have also been caused by underwater earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, or even by meteorites or space junk falling in the ocean. [Top 10 Greatest Explosions Ever]

However, they were also valid sound signals that could have been created by the crash of Flight 370, he said.</p>

Five years on, and all they've found has been some wing parts and engine cowling - off Reunion Island near Madagascar, on the Mozambique coast, Rodriques Island (east of Mauritius, which is east of Madagascar), and Mossel Bay on the Western Cape of South Africa. That suggests that you'd want to look closer to Madagascar - rather than <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_for_Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370">a bit west of Australia</a>, as most of the search was.
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17 days ago by charlesarthur
ECM-XYST1M : Interchangeable Lens Camera α [E-mount] Compatibility Information
You can check the compatibility of accessories such as flashes, memory cards, and charging devices with Sony digital cameras/video cameras.
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6 weeks ago by foliovision
Beamforming and Microphone Arrays - Common Myths
“In a more illustrated way, a microphone picks up sound waves without any distinction, both wanted ones (we’ll call these signals) and unwanted ones (we’ll refer to these as noises). A more sensitive microphone will pick up the same sound waves as a non-sensitive microphone. While it will produce a higher level of electronic signals, it will still pick up the same mixture of good and bad sound waves. Our goal is to eliminate as much noise and leave as much signal as possible. One way to do this is to limit our listening to a single direction, just like holding up our palm to our ear to hear better.”
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7 weeks ago by handcoding

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