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UX writing versus microcopy - UX Collective
Tries to delineate differences in terms and roles on #product user experience teams: UX writing, #content strategy, microcopy... within the context of #UX #design #technical #writing
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15 days ago by csrollyson
Better Search UX Through Microcopy — Smashing Magazine
For large-scale and e-commerce sites, the search experience is an increasingly critical tool. You can vastly improve the experience for users with thoughtful microcopy and the right contextualization.
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10 weeks ago by garrettc
Speak Human 文案生成
Generate human centric microcopy for all purposes.
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may 2019 by zifeixu85
How to write for interactions – UX Collective
Interaction design is inherently connected to language and communication. I’m a UX designer, so this is an integral part of my job. I was also a content strategist and copywriter for about a decade, and I notice that writing is something designers can struggle with.
This article shares some common writing conventions that are key for interaction design. Dos and don’ts, and a few helpful tips to improve user experience. As always, there are exceptions to every rule, and as a UXer my favourite answer to anything is “it depends.”

Keep it conversational
Know where conversation belongs
Keep language conventions consistent throughout a task-based flow
Forget flowery words — think functional first
Lead with the words that are most important
Don’t pose questions inside tooltips
Make sure that headers get right to the point
Links should be clear descriptions of intent
Don’t assign blame in error states
Switches don’t require an action word
Write actions in the present tense
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may 2019 by Shoord
When Cancel Buttons Should Not Say "Cancel"
The goal of a label is to clearly communicate the action the system will do if users press the button. If they question what your button labels say, it could lead them to not trust your app, press the wrong button, or not press a button at all.

Remember to avoid using similar words and connotations on your button labels, and to keep the context in mind. Less similarity breeds more clarity. This not only applies to Cancel buttons, but whenever buttons are grouped together as siblings.
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may 2019 by Shoord
Also, this is rediculous.

"Instagram Stories you share on your Facebook Story will now also show up in…
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may 2019 by andriak

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