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Lab: Serial Communication with Node.js – ITP Physical Computing
You can write programs that handle serial communication in many different languages. This page introduces how to do it using node.js. Node is a JavaScript environment that allows user to write web server programs. Below, you’ll use it to connect a microcontroller to a web browser using the node.js programming environment, HTML, and JavaScript.
arduino  microcontroller  javascript  hardware 
14 days ago by madamim
The avrgirl project: an introduction
really clear intro to just conceptually what's going on with microcontrollers and writing to them with a computer
microcontroller  programming  tutorial  avrgirl  hardware 
14 days ago by madamim
Rust for Microcontrollers
Uses Rust instead of C/C++. Includes link to a book called "Copper", which goes into more detail (e.g., linker scripts, et. al.).
rust  embedded  microcontroller 
4 weeks ago by kc5tja

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