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Audio Weaver® for ST Micro | DSP Concepts
What is Audio Weaver®?

Audio Weaver® is a product-development system that is, quite simply, the fastest way to add digital audio features to embedded products. The system is built around the AWE Core™, a dynamically-configurable audio-processing engine that's easily integrated into your production embedded software; and Audio Weaver® Designer, the companion graphical tool for prototyping, configuration, and tuning.
Audio  dsp  microcontroller  development  system 
14 days ago by mwishek
The Amazing $1 Microcontroller - Jay Carlson
pretty awesome head-to-head of a million billion different micros, comparing them on architecture, peripherals, etc., for cost $1
embedded  microcontroller  review  comparison  ic  electronics 
26 days ago by aaronbeekay

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