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How to Fix Fried Arduino Nano/Uno/Mega: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
A couple specific tips - there are other reasons why they would stop working, though.
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yesterday by robduarte
ESP 8266 Wi-Fi Repeater with Mesh Networking | Hacker News
Very cool. Most of you probably already know this, but the ESP8266 is a glorious microcontroller that costs about $7 in a nice package. It has Wifi and a bunch of GPIO ports, and the newer model ESP32 has bluetooth too. They can be programmed like an Arduino (using Arduino IDE among other tools) and are a really interesting way to get a bunch of very cheap, highly connected things going on.
For instance, I have one rigged up across a zone valve on my mom's "dumb" furnace and it's now smart furnace that heats the house up before she wakes up and controls the temperature to whatever tolerance she wants. I have another one running the stepper motor that turns the screw of my $30 DIY star-tracking camera mount. Another is hooked up to a thermocouple that transmits readings from wherever through a MQTT server to processing equipment to characterize oven temperatures, water heaters, or anything else you want to measure. I have other ones hooked to reed sensors that tell my security system when things get opened or closed.
arduino  microcontroller  cheap  wifi  ESP32  hardware  soc  iot 
21 days ago by sherbondy

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