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What Michelle Obama Gets Wrong About Racism
"Michelle Obama’s new book reduces racial inequality to a matter of psychological impairment that can be overcome through grit and grin. This is a dangerous proposition."

"The crises in this country cannot be resolved one person at a time, and recipes for self-fulfillment cannot create the social forces necessary to transform neighborhoods."

"When unmoored from the institutions of power and class domination, racism becomes impossible to address, combat, and dismantle."

"The point is not to impose onto or require a more radical viewpoint from Obama when she does not have one, but rather to expose her ultimately conservative message. Obama served as an inspiring role model—her personal story is extraordinary by any measure. But it is crucial for both her and us to acknowledge that it was made possible by the confluence of institutional changes and her own talents. For the children of Harper High and their parents who live with PTSD and other scars of urban and suburban life in the twenty-first century, we must reaffirm our commitment to the same kinds of institutional interventions—and beyond—that made her ascent possible.

Another world is possible, but it can only be built through a collective struggle that Obama no longer sees as necessary."
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march 2019 by robertogreco
Michelle Obama's memoir Becoming sells 10 million copies
Michelle Obama's memoir is on course to become the most popular autobiography to date, according to its publisher.

Becoming, first published just five months ago, has already sold more than 10 million copies, Bertelsmann said.

"We believe that these memoirs could well become the most successful memoir ever," said Thomas Rabe, chief executive of the German firm.
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march 2019 by jtyost2
Happy Birthday to two incredible and inspiring Capricorns!! ♑️ 🎉 💜
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january 2019 by morsecode
Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXwaQXquA7E)
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december 2018 by ilya
RT : Watching the White House portion of this 20/20 with Forever First Lady is a painful reminder of all…
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november 2018 by LibrariesVal
Watching the White House portion of this 20/20 with Forever First Lady is a painful reminder of all…
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november 2018 by andriak
Obamas used IVF
Michelle Obama discloses very personal story about having her children
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november 2018 by nelson
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march 2018 by cataspanglish
Don't tweet every thought, Michelle Obama tells youths
RT : : Don't "tweet every thought ... first initial thoughts are not worthy of the light of day."
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