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Boston Review — Leland de la Durantaye: How to Be Happy
"Wallace’s conclusion is simple. “Whether there’s ‘choice’ involved is, at a certain point, of no interest . . . since it’s the very surrender of choice and self that informs the love in the first place.” This is radical and right and ultimately his last word on free will and choice. Whatever love is, we do not choose it. In the case of Michael Joyce, it means to “consent to live in a world that, like a child’s world, is very serious and very small.” Whether Joyce chose the life he is leading cedes to another concern, whether it matters, and whether any of us really chooses.

…Which is to say, we are free to speculate on the fates of others, about the degree to which others are conditioned by their circumstances and the degree to which they condition those circumstances, but where we should end, ethically, is simple and clear, and everyone has always known it. We should wish them well."
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Preserving Born-Digital Materials
One of the Ransom Center's largest and most complex collections of born-digital materials can be found in the Michael Joyce papers. Joyce, a professor of English and media studies at Vassar College, has published both print and hypertext works, including afternoon: a story (1987), which the New York Times referred to as the "granddaddy of full-length hypertext fictions." The 2005 acquisition of Joyce's collection marked the Center's first deliberate engagement with born-digital literary materials published in electronic format. Preserving afternoon means finding a way to preserve not only Joyce's computer files for the story, but also the software he used to create it and the operating system necessary to run that software. Researchers interested in experiencing Joyce's afternoon files in their original computing environment might also conceivably want access to a Macintosh Plus, which is the computer Joyce used to compose the story.
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