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Michael Geist - Your Information is Not Secure: Thousands of Government Privacy Breaches Point to Need for Reform
Breach of Privacy or Enabling Security?
What really boggles my mind is while we are seriously concerned (and rightfully so) about the scope and number of privacy breaches from our government, this is precisely what it has been trying to do with numerous recent bills.

Need I remind you of our own C-30 online spying bill and PIPA, SOPA and now CISPA from our neighbours to the south, all aimed not only at making all private information open to governement but also to any corporation we have entrusted it to?

The bottom line is not only does government already have the technical means to breach our privacy and deliberately violates it as a matter of course (the extensive private questions of the long census being a perfect example), but it wants to do it in total impunity, without any oversight whatsoever and furthermore, what's even more distressing with CISPA, with the help of the major corporations that we've entrusted our private information with, corporations that already have control of government agenda through its powerful lobbies! If that is not a perfect definition of fascism, what is?

I ask you this: what is it going to take for citizens to wake up to this 'brave new world' and reverse this disastrous trend before the machinery becomes too monstrous that it becomes impossible to stop it? Civil War? What is it going to take for citizens to realize that Democracy means they OWN the government and not the other way around and that without citizens, government has no legitimacy? Suspension of Right to Protest in Public (we're almost there in Quebec) and Martial Law? What is it going to take for citizens to realize that NOW is the time to complain while we still can, before our rights have all been stripped away for our 'own security'?

Whenever there is a breach of privacy and government responds by trying to pass laws that would give it not only immunity but the power to actively do so for our own security, remember what Benjamin Franklin said: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty."

It's high time we stood up to tyrants, especially those in three piece suits that call themselves our 'Right Honourable' leaders and make them realize who the work for: us, the citizens of this country, not the special interests who control government lobby.

If we despise privacy breach and cherish liberty, it is not only our right but our duty to rebel against tyranny.
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Your information is not secure in Ottawa: Geist | Toronto Star
Canadians have faced high profile data breaches in the past – Winners/HomeSense and the CIBC were both at the centre of serious breaches several years ago – but last week, the federal government revealed that it may represent the biggest risk to the privacy of millions of Canadians as some government departments have suffered breaches virtually every 48 hours.

The revelations came as a result of questions from NDP MP Charlie Angus, who sought information on data, information or privacy breaches in all government departments from 2002 to 2012. The resulting documentation is stunning in its breadth.

Virtually every major government department has sustained breaches, with the majority occurring over the past five years (many did not retain records dating back to 2002). In numerous instances, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada was not advised of the breach.
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Canadian Tories' campaign pledge: We will spy on the Internet - Boing Boing
Michael Geist has timely analysis of the Canadian Conservative party's campaign promise to pass a massive "crime and justice" bill within 100 days, if re-elected. The bill -- which has never been debated or had hearings or public consultation -- includes massive, extrajudicial bulk surveillance over Canadians' use of the Internet.
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Timeline of the ACTA negotiations and document leaks
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