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Paper mill plans to restart idled machine, hire 120 | Miami Herald
A paper company says it plans to restart a machine whose shutdown left 120 workers with a job.
miamiherald  AP  papermill 
february 2018 by northernpass
Billions lost in nuclear power projects, with more bills due | Miami Herald
A decade ago, utilities were persuading politicians around the country to let them spend big to go nuclear.
MiamiHerald  nuclear  costs 
august 2017 by northernpass
Billions lost in nuclear power projects, with more bills due | Miami Herald
A decade ago, utilities were persuading politicians around the country to let them spend big to go nuclear.
MiamiHerald  nuclearpower  costs 
august 2017 by eversourcenh
Court rules in favor of Northern Pass energy project | Miami Herald
The Northern Pass energy project says a New Hampshire court has ruled in its favor in response to a lawsuit that said a utility didn't have the right to bury a power line under a North Country highway.

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MiamiHerald  AP  lawsuit  ForestSociety  dismissed 
june 2016 by northernpass
Race to replace Rubio in Senate roiled by probe of Alan Grayson | Miami Herald
Several outside congressional experts, however, said the newly released findings did not bode well for Grayson.

“I’m not going to get out in front of the Ethics Committee or prejudge their determinations, but the language from the OCE is strong,” Kenneth Gross, a prominent Washington attorney in political law, told McClatchy. “It exhibits a conviction on their part that they think there’s a strong likelihood of wrongdoing.”

John Wonderlich, an analyst with the Sunlight Foundation, said his Washington-based group often trained newly elected lawmakers on congressional ethics.

“There’s a massive amount of House rules on preventing conflicts of interest,” Wonderlich said. “All the rules are spelled out in a lot of detail in the ethics manual. It’s not as if the ethics rules are vague.”
sunlightquoted  johnwonderlich  clips  miamiherald  congress  ethics 
april 2016 by sunlightfoundation

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