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[1812.01717] Towards Accurate Generative Models of Video: A New Metric & Challenges
Recent advances in deep generative models have lead to remarkable progress in synthesizing high quality images. Following their successful application in image processing and representation learning, an important next step is to consider videos. Learning generative models of video is a much harder task, requiring a model to capture the temporal dynamics of a scene, in addition to the visual presentation of objects. Although recent attempts at formulating generative models of video have had some success, current progress is hampered by (1) the lack of qualitative metrics that consider visual quality, temporal coherence, and diversity of samples, and (2) the wide gap between purely synthetic video datasets and challenging real-world datasets in terms of complexity. To this extent we propose Fréchet Video Distance (FVD), a new metric for generative models of video based on FID, and StarCraft 2 Videos (SCV), a collection of progressively harder datasets that challenge the capabilities of the current iteration of generative models for video. We conduct a large-scale human study, which confirms that FVD correlates well with qualitative human judgment of generated videos, and provide initial benchmark results on SCV.
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Complexity Analysis for UX Research at IBM — What it is and how to get started (IBM Design)
Gabriella Campagna из IBM рассказывает о методе анализа сложности интерфейса, который команда применяет для оценки улучшений и сравнения с конкурентами. На базе чеклиста он показывает, где в сценарии проблемные места.
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Longmore Institute Associate Director Emily Beitiks' Perspective on Generational Caregiving
KQED-FM (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Sometimes the end of life resembles its beginning, but in either case we need others to help us through the basics of every day. Emily Beitiks has this Perspective. Beitiks is associate director of the Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University.

“My mother, who has had a disability since before I was born, recently moved in with me and my family. Well, to be fair, she’s moving into her home. After a bad fall broke her hip seven years ago and left her permanently in a wheelchair, the house was too inaccessible and she moved out, so we moved in. Now, with two pressure sore ulcers that refuse to heal, she’s no longer allowed to stay in her assisted living home, so my husband and I assumed her care needs. Doing so has been intense.

“Having two young kids at home under the age of 5 makes it especially challenging.

“But also, it makes it easier.”
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The Squishiest, Sweetest Sleep: Alum Charles Hall Reprises the Waterbed
THE NEW YORK TIMES -- He used Jell-O and cornstarch at first, but the squashy gunk, poured into a vinyl bladder, was too heavy to move. And it began to stink after a few days. Then he tried water. “Rancid Jell-O Led to First Water Bed,” a newspaper headline proclaimed at the time.

It was 1967, the Summer of Love, and Charles Hall, a student at San Francisco State University, was experimenting with flotation furniture, as he called it then, for an engineering class. (He got an “A.”) The following year, after some tweaks, his eight-foot-square heated “Pleasure Pit” debuted at a gallery on Leavenworth Street, as part of a show called “The Happy Happening.”

Mr. Hall was living in Haight-Ashbury, in an apartment in a listing Victorian that rented for $67. It was August, a slow news cycle, Mr. Hall recalled, and the Pleasure Pit made news around the country.
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Softball Star Tayah Hernandez to Transfer to SF State and Major in Liberal Arts
MADERA TRIBUNE -- Two years ago, Tayah Hernandez said she was in a bad place and wasn’t even thinking about softball.

However, two years later, she found her love for the game gain and it led to a softball scholarship to San Francisco State University, a Division II school after signing her National Letter of Intent on Friday in front of family, teammates and friends. She will major in Liberal Arts to become an elementary school teacher.

“It’s like a dream to accomplish and I get to live it out now,” she said. “I get to go to everybody and say I’m going to San Francisco State. I will have people out there to support me.”

“This is one heck of an accomplishment,” Hernandez’s travel softball coach Keith Davis said. “Of everybody I have coached, ever, Tayah’s road hasn’t been an easy road. A big part of her change is when she came here and had to sit out a year. She got to take a look at the game at a different aspect. She’s a special kid, not just on the softball field. On the field, she’s a beast and she’s a stud. I’m not just her coach, she’s like a second kid to me. We’ll talk about life. I’m going to miss those talks. San Francisco State is getting one heck of a ball player.”
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Classic and Contemporary Myths in Dialogue at SF State
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- With San Francisco State University’s “Medea” and “Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles,” one of our most fecund local university theater departments has devised an invigorating juxtaposition of the canonical and the contemporary.

Rhonnie Washington directs a music-driven production of Euripides’ Greek tragedy, about a woman who avenges her husband’s philandering. Playing in repertory is a 21st century update, “Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles,” written by Luis Alfaro, and first performed at San Francisco’s own Magic Theatre under the title “Bruja.”

In “Mojada,” Alfaro fashions gorgeous images that make his immigrant characters into timeless myths. “I feel like a bird who has lost her feathers,” says one. “I am eating his heart and he knows it,” says another.
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SF Chronicle's Bay Area Movie Gift Ideas Include Professor McBride's Book on Ernst Lubitsch
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- “How Did Lubitsch Do It?”: A critical appreciation by San Francisco State Professor Joseph McBride about the classic Hollywood director who practically invented the modern comedy and musical genres at the advent of sound. (Columbia University Press, $40)
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Inside George H.W. Bush's Unlikely Friendship With Alum Dana Carvey
KPIX-CHANNEL 5 (SAN FRANCISCO)/CBS NEWS -- Carvey grew up in the Bay Area after his family moved to San Carlos when he was 3 years old. He would later graduate from San Francisco State University and was a fixture of the San Francisco stand-up scene in the late ’70s.

Together, Mr. Bush and his comedic foil forged a perhaps unexpected friendship. It’s one that started after Mr. Bush lost his bid for re-election in 1992. Bush invited Carvey to the White House as a pick-me-up for the staff.

“I was staying in the Lincoln bedroom last night and I couldn’t resist picking up the phone, and I called up the Secret Service as the president. ‘Feel like going jogging tonight — in the nude,'” Carvey said.

His impressions were comedy gold, and so memorable Mr. Bush himself had to join in the fun. Mr. Bush’s grace and generosity were vividly on display as he recounted a phone call to Carvey.

“He said, ‘I hope I’ve never crossed the line,’ and I knew exactly what he meant, and as far as I’m concerned he never has. And the fact that we can laugh at each other is a very fundamental thing,” Bush said.
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PagerDuty Operational Reviews Documentation
What follows is meant to be a framework for setting up Operational Reviews at your digital business, and it is the framework that PagerDuty is adapting within its own organization. For more information and a detailed background, visit our About page.
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