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Professor Dollinger Discusses Controversial Article on Black-Jewish Relations
JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY -- Marc Dollinger, the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Chair in Jewish Studies and Social Responsibility at San Francisco State University and author of “Black Power, Jewish Politics: Reinventing the Alliance in the 1960s,” questioned Commentary’s framing of black-Jewish relations as a conflict.

“The Commentary cover, in a reformulation of the magazine’s role as a leading neo-Conservative Jewish periodical in the 1960s, updates classical though simplistic understandings of the relationship between African Americans and American Jews. It’s headline, ‘African Americans vs. American Jews,’ assumes an adversarial relationship between the two communities. Yet, the history proves far more complex,” Dollinger says. “While the alliance of the 1950s ended with the rise of Black Power in the mid-1960s, even mainstream national Jewish leaders discounted the import of black anti-Semitism as national Jewish leaders leveraged black activism to bolster American Jewish identity.”

“The absence of any women authors on the cover speaks to a much earlier time in American Jewish journalism and history,” Dollinger continued, adding, “Most of all, the conflict-based headline makes black Jews invisible, marginalizing a growing Jews of Color community whose perspective as both black AND Jewish forces white Jews to question the boundaries between their Jewishness and their racial privilege.”
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Professor McDaniel: New SF Mayor Will Have to Walk Fine Line Dealing with Tech Industry
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- The new mayor will have to walk a fine line when it comes to dealing with tech, said Jason McDaniel, an associate Political Science professor at San Francisco State University. Breed has to “make sure the policies she advocates for are good for the city as a whole — not just for one industry.”

McDaniel, the San Francisco State University professor, said he wouldn’t be surprised if Breed took some opportunities to criticize the tech industry as a means of seeming more independent of it.
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Professor Monshipouri on Trump's Iran Policy: From the Art of the Deal to the Mirage of Regime Change
ATLANTIC COUNCIL (WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- Mahmood Monshipouri, Ph.D., is professor and chair of the Department of International Relations at San Francisco State University. He is also a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley. He wrote this opinion piece with Manochehr Dorraj, Ph.D., professor of international affairs and Middle Eastern studies at Texas Christian University.

“Perhaps the most glaring flaw in [U.S. Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo’s speech was that the conditions he laid out failed to add up to a clear strategy,” they write. “His maximalist demands were divorced from reality and revealed ignorance about the political dynamics that govern post-revolutionary regimes such as those in Iran or Cuba in a post-colonial era. The demands also betrayed a profound lack of appreciation for Iranian nationalism. What Pompeo was asking for was complete capitulation and political submission that only conquering armies can demand of countries defeated in war.”
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Queer SF State Film Program Gets $50,000 Grant
BAY AREA REPORTER -- The filmmaking program, open to graduate and undergraduate students, fosters amateur queer filmmakers at SF State through community building, education, and guidance from established queer filmmakers. The grant money will be used to strengthen the mentorship program for the 20 or so current students involved, organize monthly meetings, pay for the cost of student productions, and help launch an online platform in partnership with Frameline, an LGBT media arts organization that holds San Francisco’s annual LGBT film festival, which will be used to promote student films to the public.

Symons, along with two other queer SF State professors of Cinema — Scott Boswell and Cheryl Dunye — founded the program almost three years ago. As part of the expansion of the Queer Cinema Project (QCP) mentorship program, the founders and other queer filmmakers will pair with students to give them feedback and guidance on their projects.

One student, Sam Davis-Boyd, a master’s student at the School of Cinema and QCP’s intern for the last two years, said networking with other queer filmmakers has been one of the most important aspects about being a member of QCP.

“To be able to be in a room with other queer filmmakers, watching them cut their films, and getting their feedback has been very valuable,” the 26-year-old lesbian said.
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Categorizing Variants of Goodhart's Law
"There are several distinct failure modes for overoptimization of systems on the basis of metrics. This occurs when a metric which can be used to improve a system is used to an extent that further optimization is ineffective or harmful, and is sometimes termed Goodhart's Law. This class of failure is often poorly understood, partly because terminology for discussing them is ambiguous, and partly because discussion using this ambiguous terminology ignores distinctions between different failure modes of this general type. This paper expands on an earlier discussion by Garrabrant, which notes there are "(at least) four different mechanisms" that relate to Goodhart's Law."
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Monitor your applications with Prometheus
This guide introduces Prometheus and outlines how to integrate metrics into an existing applications for both operational and business insights with Docker
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