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Pilot Program Revives 1960s Experimental College at SF State
KQED (SAN FRANCISCO) -- The pilot program is expanding rapidly, as there are currently 24 students slated to teach Experimental College classes in the spring.

“It’s really directly empowering the students to study, or to gain knowledge or expertise, in areas that simply are not offered at SF State,” said Ray Larios, a student teacher this semester of “Cybersecurity, World Affairs and Social Implications in the Digital World.” His course will be used as a framework to develop a class in the International Relations Department.

When Ex Co began 52 years ago, it was in the midst of the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and a few years shy of the campus strike of 1968.

“The students were the only ones on campus who really had thought deeply about pedagogy because professors had never thought about how they teach, and not just what you teach, but how you teach,” said Kathy Emery, a faculty coordinator for the program and lecturer in the Political Science Department.
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22 hours ago by sfstatelca
How do you measure the mass of a star? (Beginner) - Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer
Measuring the mass of stars in binary systems is easy. Binary systems are sets of two or more stars in orbit about each other. By measuring the size of the orbit, the stars' orbital speeds, and their orbital periods, we can determine exactly what the masses of the stars are. We can take that knowledge and then apply it to similar stars not in multiple systems.

We also can easily measure the luminosity and temperature of any star. A plot of luminocity versus temperature for a set of stars is called a Hertsprung-Russel (H-R) diagram, and it turns out that most stars lie along a thin band in this diagram known as the main Sequence. Stars arrange themselves by mass on the Main Sequence, with massive stars being hotter and brighter than their small-mass bretheren. If a star falls on the Main Sequence, we therefore immediately know its mass.

In addition to these methods, we also have an excellent understanding of how stars work. Our models of stellar structure are excellent predictors of the properties and evolution of stars. As it turns out, the mass of a star determines its life history from day 1, for all times thereafter, not only when the star is on the Main Sequence. So actually, the position of a star on the H-R diagram is a good indicator of its mass, regardless of whether it's on the Main Sequence or not.
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Alum Nicole Rodriguez Gets Free Computer from Oakland Nonprofit
OAKLAND NORTH -- Rodriguez, her husband, and five children have also only been accessing the Internet through their smartphones. They use them to do homework, write research papers, work and pay the bills. But Rodriguez had another reason for wanting a computer: She’s working on expanding her non-profit, Lee Youth Outreach, which was set up in honor of her oldest son’s best friend, Lee Weathersby III. Thirteen-year-old Weathersby died after being shot 13 times on his way home from the Boys and Girls Club. His death was Oakland’s first homicide of 2014.

After recently graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Women and Gender Studies, Rodriguez is now setting up her nonprofit in an effort to provide the children in her community with a safe environment away from gang culture. She’s enlisting the help of Weathersby’s friends in the hope that they will become community leaders.

“I knew it wasn’t only going to help my family,” she said of receiving a computer. “It was going to help me do research and find funding and to make connections. It was just needed in so many different areas.”
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yesterday by sfstatelca
The freeware program SourceMonitor lets you see inside your software source code to find out how much code you have and to identify the relative complexity of your modules.
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3 days ago by vicchow
How to choose the right UX metrics for your product
When designing for the web, you can analyze usage data for your product and compare different interfaces in A/B tests. This is sometimes called “data-driven design”, but I prefer to think of it as data-informed design — the designer is still driving, not the data.

To make this work in practice it’s important to use the right metrics. Basic traffic metrics (like overall page views or number of unique users) are easy to track and give a good baseline on how your site is doing, but they are often not very useful for evaluating the impact of UX changes. This is because they are very general, and usually don’t relate directly to either the quality of the user experience or the goals of your project — it’s hard to make them actionable.
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4 days ago by jaimoe
Professor De Robertis Discusses Why Listening to Women Is a Must
EAST BAY EXPRESS -- Carolina De Robertis is the author of three award-winning, internationally best-selling novels, and editor of the recent anthology “Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times”. She lives in Oakland with her wife and two children, and teaches at San Francisco State University.

De Robertis wrote this opinion piece for the East Bay Express.

“The current wave of the #MeToo movement — founded by the visionary activist Tarana Burke, now sweeping over us — expands the spectrum to all women who’ve not only been raped, but also sexually assaulted or harassed. Which reveals that the ‘lucky ones” have their stories, too. Who among us has really been spared?”

“And if all of us spoke, just imagine the roaring.”
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6 days ago by sfstatelca
Know Your Competition
Interesting thoughts about 3 different levels of competition and which may easier or harder to make an impact at.
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6 days ago by tsuomela
Speed is not everything: How News Agencies use Audience Metrics | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
Audience metrics can help news agencies to “reduce the waste” and encourage them to produce relevant and high impact content driving their business goals. Because of audience data, newsroom management can shift editorial resources temporarily or permanently to areas with high content demand and audience interest.
Beside quantitative audience data there is still high attention on qualitative feedback from customers, measured in calls, e-mails and meetings. Qualitative and quantitative audience feedback has to be combined.
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7 days ago by paulbradshaw

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