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5 Ways to Interpret a SUS Score (MeasuringU)
Jeff Sauro предлагает несколько подходов к интерпретации метрики SUS, которые перекладывают голые цифры на понятные категории (в том числе с привязкой к NPS).
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3 days ago by jvetrau
Druid | Interactive Analytics at Scale
Druid is primarily used to store, query, and analyze large event streams. Examples of event streams include user generated data such as clickstreams, application generated data such as performance metrics, and machine generated data such as network flows and server metrics. Druid is optimized for sub-second queries to slice-and-dice, drill down, search, filter, and aggregate this data. Druid is commonly used to power interactive applications where performance, concurrency, and uptime are important. Druid was initially created to power a scalable, visual, multi-tenant application where users could not only rapidly slice and dice data to create ad-hoc reports, but also interactively explore data to quickly determine the root cause of patterns and anomalies. Druid is designed from the ground up for sub-second queries, which are critical in interactive applications as usability studies have shown that humans get distracted and lose their train of thought if responses take longer than a second.
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3 days ago by dlkinney
What Would that Law Firm Merger Look Like? New Tool Allows 'What-If' Modeling | LawSites
Speculation about potential law firm mergers and acquisitions makes for good sport, not to mention serious business. Today, ALM Intelligence released a tool that gives speculators some hard-and-fast data and the ability to model what a potential merger would look like.

Available to subscribers to ALM Intelligence’s Legal Compass platform for data research and analysis, the M&A modeling tool allows users to analyze potential mergers and acquisitions within the legal market and create a profile of what the merged firm would look like.

“Law firms are always playing the ‘what-if’ game, and this tool enables firms and consultants to assess various potential combinations,” Patrick Fuller, vice president, legal, said in an announcement of the tool. “Additionally, it becomes a core competitive intelligence tool for rivals as part of the assessment of pending law firm mergers.”

The tool allows users to:
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4 days ago by JordanFurlong
What Is Net Promoter?
NPS, or Net Promoter Score, measures customer experience of your brand and provides the best metric to anchor your customer experience management program.
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4 days ago by hay
Alum, Immigration Activist Jose Antonio Vargas Returns to Roots in Bay Area
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- “Everyone in this room is really important to how I got here,” he said. He thanked his assembled “adopted family”: Anne Gelhaus, his first boss at the Mountain View Voice; venture capitalist Jim Strand, whose scholarship program paid Vargas’ way through San Francisco State University; Karen Willemsen, “like a big sister to me,” whose father-in-law allowed Vargas to use his Oregon address as proof of residency to acquire a driver’s license; and Peter Perl, Vargas’ former senior colleague at the Washington Post in whom he confided his immigration status in 2004. (Vargas was part of a Post reporting team that won a Pulitzer in 2008 for its coverage of the Virginia Tech mass shooting.)
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5 days ago by sfstatelca
Lecturer David Lee: Affirmative Action Endangered if Kavanaugh Confirmed to Supreme Court
DIVERSE ISSUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION -- The recent lawsuit against Harvard University’s affirmative action program on behalf of Asian American students who allege it discriminates against them doesn’t reflect the reality of the majority of Asian students, who are not people of means and stand to lose if the Supreme Court with Kavanaugh ends affirmative action, said David E. Lee, who teaches Political Science at San Francisco State University and is director of APASS summer bridge and AANAPISI grant programs at Laney College in the Peralta Community College District.

More than half of Asian-diaspora students in the United States attend community colleges and the vast majority attend public schools, while those at Laney make up 30 percent of the student population and tend to be low-income, first-generation, food-insecure and housing-insecure and speak English as a second language, Lee said.

“Our population is the farthest thing from the model minority. It’s anything but ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’” he said, invoking the name of a movie currently in theatres.

The decline in percentages of minorities is likely to continue with a more conservative high court, even though whites are a minority and Hispanics are the plurality in the minority-majority state, Lee said.

“I’ve seen first-hand how affirmative action has benefited the Asian American community, so I’m very concerned that a Kavanaugh Supreme Court with [John] Roberts as the chief justice will swing the court to the right,” said Lee. “I’m very concerned that [the court] will dismantle affirmative action.”
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5 days ago by sfstatelca

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