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Why Trello Failed to Build a $1 Billion+ Business – Noteworthy — The Journal Blog
It’s possible to build a $1B+ company with a freemium business model targeted toward consumers. In 2013, Dropbox was valued at $8B on $200M in revenue with 200M users six years after launch. This was before Dropbox had even launched a business plan — the company’s revenue primarily came from upselling free users to a $10/month plan.
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4 days ago by activescott
WPO Stats
> Case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of web performance optimization (WPO) on user experience and business metrics.
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4 days ago by barryf
Alum Rob Jackson is Co-founder of a Hip-Hop-Focused Therapy Program
PIGEONS AND PLANES -- Music has long been understood to have a medicinal quality for both the creator and the listener. But how exactly does that work? To better understand the effects of rap music as therapy, we spoke with music therapist and veteran educator Michele Schnur Ritholz, as well as Rob Jackson, co-founder of the hip-hop-focused therapy program Beats Rhymes and Life.

Jackson points out that hip-hop has a long history of healing: “The principles of hip-hop are rooted in giving voice to the oppressed and resisting oppressive systems, political advocacy, vibrant youth expression and raising public conscious and awareness. The ability to tell one’s story from a strength-based perspective, which allows youth to reframe the narrative that has been told to them or they often believe themselves, is critical to both healing and development.”

Rob Jackson is a hip-hop artist, educator and youth advocate. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University. With extensive background in the field of education and expertise in curriculum development, Jackson co-founded Beats Rhymes and Life in 2004 to serve the mental-health needs of youth of color. As chief of staff, he is responsible for staff development and ensuring program fidelity.
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5 days ago by sfstatelca
PV@10% (Revenue - Direct Expenses). R/P Reserves/Production = Qty / Period. WI Working Interest = % of expenses. NRI Net Revenue Interest = % of Income. E.g. landowner 20% NRI --> OilCo 100% WI / 80% NRI. E.g. OilCo sells 50% --> 50%WI / 40% NRI.
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5 days ago by ff4
Mozaïk | Mozaïk
Interesting dashboard system
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5 days ago by phirate
Student Megan Rose Stuns on NBC's 'The Voice'
GOLD DERBY -- A stunning performance on Tuesday night’s blind auditions of “The Voice” brought Megan Rose to Team Miley Cyrus. That move made history as Miley now has the first ever all-female team for the program. Miley had to convince her to join the team over the one for rival coach Adam Levine after she sang the classic hit tune “Ode to Billie Joe” by Bobbie Gentry.

According to her NBC bio about the 20-year-old from California: “Megan’s dad is her biggest musical inspiration and was a natural musician who could play anything by ear. When she was younger, she discovered that her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before she was born. Megan attends San Francisco State University while trying to pursue a career in music. She performs in and around school, singing the national anthem or performing at live events around campus. She has even sung at the San Francisco Half Marathon. It’s difficult pursuing a career in country music while living in San Francisco as there’s not much opportunity for country music artists in the area. Her dream is to move to Nashville after college to pursue her love for country music.”
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6 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Michael Krasny Inducted into Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Krasny was introduced by Jo Anne Wallace, VP/GM of KQED, who said she was initially impressed by his work on KGO, but asked whether Krasny, who’s also an English professor at San Francisco State, would be able to handle both jobs. “He said it won’t be a problem. ‘On my tombstone, they will say, “He always did his homework.’”

Krasny, keeping the death theme going, said he’s been getting some honors recently. “I think of them as premortem awards.”
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6 days ago by sfstatelca
Alumna Sam Jackson Making 'Responsible' Artistic Choices
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- This Vacaville native and San Francisco State University grad — she was the first person in her immediate family to graduate from college — recently reached a milestone in her still-young career. When she first started auditioning, she estimates she had a success rate of about 5 percent among theater, film and commercial opportunities. That’s not uncommon among actors, but some of the rejections especially stung. She remembers that at her first film audition, the director stopped her and said, “That’s exactly what I want; I didn’t have to give you any direction. ... Unfortunately, we cast the rest of the family, and they’re all white.” Reflecting on the experience recently, at a cafe across from her Lower Haight apartment, she calls it “the first time I genuinely felt rejection for my blackness.”

She didn’t give up, though. “It really made me want to try that much harder.”

The work has paid off, especially in her projects with Susannah Martin, under whose direction she was in the ensemble for Shotgun Players’ 2014 production of “Our Town” and in 6NewPlays’ “That It All Makes Perfect,” from March. The latter, by Erin Bregman, Jackson describes as a poetic play, one in which she couldn’t make the beautiful language in a “four-page monologue” work. Martin, she says, told her, “Stop reading me poetry. Feel this.”

Stripping away her “actor-ness” was also part of Jackson’s process in “Splendour,” which was directed by Barbara Damashek (who was also one of Jackson’s professors at SF State). Her takeaway from that linguistically complex play was, “The lines are just the lines; what you want to say is inside of you.”
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6 days ago by sfstatelca
mapbox-gl-js/bench at master · mapbox/mapbox-gl-js
Benchmarks help us catch performance regressions and improve performance.
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6 days ago by robhawkes

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