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Why Facebook Is Undervalued - Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) | Seeking Alpha
To select the relevant financial metrics that Facebook shareholders have been looking at, Facebook's shares have been historically related to some of the standard financial metrics, such as revenue, earnings, gross margin, and free cash flow. Simply because stock prices are forward-looking, the forward financials are always more useful than the actual financials. For this reason, I collected the consensus estimates of the various metrics since 2013. Their relationships between forward revenue and EPS estimates with actual Facebook stock prices are depicted in Figure 2 and Figure 3, respectively.
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yesterday by activescott
The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup's metrics - 80 slide deck included! at andrewchen
The same skills needed to grow new products can be used both to evaluate new startups to invest in, and once we’ve invested; to help them grow.
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3 days ago by lorenzowood
KPFA's Apex Express Dedicates Entire Show to Professor Dawn Bohulano Mabalon
KPFA-FM, APEX EXPRESS (BERKELEY) -- Tonight, we dedicate the whole show to Dawn Bohulano Mabalon, a beloved academic at San Francisco State University. In addition to being a scholar, she was an activist who loved her hometown of Stockton, her Giants and her Warriors. The Filipino Women’s Network named her one of the 100 Most Influential Filipinas in the world in 2013. Dawn passed away unexpectedly on August 10 this year and the impact of our community’s loss is still being felt.

“I’ve been so privileged to become a professor at San Francisco State and work with thousands of students over the last 13 years I’ve been a professor,” says Mabalon, who taught in the History Department. “In my lectures, bringing the story of Filipinos into the larger narrative of how I teach American history. But what we need is books to do that. I need to reach audiences that are beyond my classroom. And I especially want to reach young people. We need to get them interested and see themselves in American history at a very young age.”
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4 days ago by sfstatelca
Alum Denia Perez Becomes First DACA Recipient Admitted to Connecticut Bar
RECORD-JOURNAL (MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT) -- Quinnipiac University School of Law graduate Denia Perez became the first Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient to be admitted to the Connecticut Bar in a swearing in ceremony late last week.

Perez came to the United States from Mexico when she was 11 months old. Her family lived in San Francisco, and when she was 8 they moved to Santa Rosa, California. Perez graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in women’s and gender studies the year DACA went into effect, when she was 21. Under DACA, eligible adults who were brought to the U.S. as children can receive a two-year deferment from deportation and an Employment Authorization Document.
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4 days ago by sfstatelca
Analyzing Codebases: Part I - DZone DevOps -
From cloning Kubernetes and CLOC all the way down to plot clustering and coupling, this post shows how to deal with a large codebase with basic analysis.
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5 days ago by perezgb

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