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Supercharging Server Timing with HTTP trailers
CDN で Server Timing を使うのは確かにありだな。
http  cdn  fastly  performance  metric 
5 hours ago by summerwind
The RED Method: key metrics for microservices architecture
Tom Wilkie shares Weaveworks monitoring philosophy and the three most important metrics to use in your microservices architecture.
monitoring  prometheus  sre  duration  metric  errors 
3 days ago by kwbr
Big View Counts - Rodriques Law
Argues that even more than generating money, #crowdfunding shows viewer demand before your film is made and #investors like it #value proposition
value  proposition  crowdfunding  indie  film  pointofview  investor  demand  indiegogo  kickstarter  view  metric  market  viewer  supporter  19eyz  bullsi  finance  Business 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson

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