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El situat a la d'un ó de 192 d' a l'esquerra del darrer…
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november 2017 by deckard67
El Masroig
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El situat a la d'un ó de 192 d' a l'esquerra del darrer…
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november 2017 by deckard67 » Converting Lat/Lon to Meters (WGS84)
Most GPS receivers, as well as Smartphones or Google Maps, providing position information in decimal degrees.
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august 2015 by robhawkes • View topic - Custom Levels - Lets see what you've made!
- The scale is 64 pixels per meter, that should be enough to get the rooms right

So to test a firearm range of 60m+, the map needs to be a minimum of 3840 pixels wide.
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may 2015 by 44sunsets
Woman was dragged 60 metres along platform and under Northern Line train... | Train Line
Gippsland train line to partially close for major rail upgrades says V/Line Train Line #TrainLine March 27, 2015 at 12:39PM
IFTTT  bitly  TrainLine  dragged  under  along  60  was  Northern  Line  platform  and  Train  metres  Woman  told  CTA  sleepy  investigators  Hare  in  became  crash  driver  Deal  of  part  City  Ellon  to  as  reopened  be  could  not  market  middle  loan  signals  TRLPCTrainline  922  buyout  shift 
march 2015 by heyyouapp

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