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Our Data Bodies Playbook is Out! | Allied Media Projects
More than three years in the making, the Digital Defense Playbook: Community Power Tools for Reclaiming Data introduces a set of tried-and-tested tools for diagnosing, dealing with, and healing the injustices of pervasive and punitive data collection and data-driven systems.

The Playbook contains in-depth guidelines for facilitating Our Data Bodies (ODB) workshops and group activities, plus tools, tip sheets, reflection pieces, and rich stories from our beloved community members. It focuses on educating communities on the impact of data-based technologies and inspiring visionary solutions that help us reclaim our data and develop trusted models of community health and safety.

Developed by the ODB team, the Playbook builds upon community gatherings, workshops, and one-on-one interviews with hundreds of Charlotteans, Detroiters, and Angelenos, who provide valuable lessons in challenging everyday surveillance. ODB hopes the Playbook will energize community involvement in tackling surveillance, profiling, and privacy problems rooted in social injustice.
data  methodology  workshops  privacy 
13 hours ago by shannon_mattern
How Audit Departments Can Improve Audit Engagement Agility - Audit Leadership Council
Home / Research / How Audit Departments Can Improve Audit Engagement Agility
How Audit Departments Can Improve Audit Engagement Agility
methodology  agile  audit  ppg 
19 hours ago by jonkit
Social Explanation and Social Structure
What is a social structure?
Social structures are theoretical entities, postulated to do work in a social theory. Examples: the wage-labor system of industrial capitalism; the heteronormative/bionormative nuclear family; the internal organization of an American university. What work do structures do in a social theory?
a) They are invoked in structural explanations;
b) They enable us to identify and critique structural injustice;
c) They provide the context for human agency;
d) They are, in some sense, constituted by actions of and relations between individuals.
pol.185  structure  sociology  marxism  Power_materials  class  inequalities  Methodology 
21 hours ago by Jibarosoy
Research and sudden infant death syndrome: definitions, diagnostic difficulties and discrepancies. - PubMed - NCBI
The diagnosis of causes of sudden infant death is an often complex and difficult process. Variable standards of autopsy practice and the use of different definitions for entities such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) have also contributed to confusion and discrepancies. For example, the term SIDS has been used when the requirements of standard definitions have not been fulfilled. In an attempt to correct this situation recent initiatives have been undertaken to stratify cases of unexpected infant death and to institute protocols that provide frameworks for investigations. However, if research is to be meaningful, researchers must be scrupulous in assessing how extensively cases have been investigated and how closely cases fit with internationally recognized definitions and standards. Unless this approach is adopted, evaluation of research findings in SIDS will be difficult and the literature will continue to be beset by contradictions and unsubstantiated conclusions
SIDS  SUID  mortality  infant  cause  of  death  classification  definition  methodology  criticism  peer-reviewed  research  co-sleeping  citation 
4 days ago by Michael.Massing
Public Life Tools (Home) - Gehl Institute
The public life tools available on this page will help you measure how people use public spaces and better understand the relationship between those spaces and the public life that takes place in them. “Tried and true” tools have been a part of the way we measure for a decade or more. “Beta” tools are just getting up and running in recent years. The tools labelled “Unfinished” are more experimental and may not make it into our permanent collection. You can download templates and instructions for most tools below. If you use one on your project, let us know what you think.
methodology  ethnography  anthrodesign 
6 days ago by shannon_mattern
An Ethnography Primer
Great design always connects with people. Designers inspire, provoke, validate, entertain and provide utility for people. To truly connect, designers need to have compassion and empathy for their audiences. Designers need to understand the relationship between what they produce and the meaning their product has for others. And they need to observe the people they are designing for in their own environments.

AIGA, in collaboration with Cheskin, has produced a simple and straight-forward primer introducing the crucial role that ethnography plays in designing.
ethnography  methodology  anthrodesign 
6 days ago by shannon_mattern - Inside the Fake Science Factories
Until recently, fake science factories have remained relatively under the radar, with few outside of academia aware of their presence; but the highly profitable industry has been growing significantly in the last five years and with it, so are the implications. To the public, fake science is often indistinguishable from legitimate science, which is facing similar accusations itself.
We expose the scale and value of two fake science operations: Well-known institutions and professors who abuse this route of publication for personal gain and the deadly consequences when the public believe in fake cures or weird discoveries that seem scientific at a very first glance. Beyond the pressure to publish, we find varying motivations from paid vacations and promotions to obtaining stipends and research grants.
science  research  fraud  methodology  stats  academia 
10 days ago by kmt
Design APIs for Disobedience – Stories of Platform Design
This post is brought to you by and is dispatched in our fortnightly newsletter It often happened to me to work with organizations willing to establish an API strategy, as if…
design  organisations  coaching  resource!  methodology 
11 days ago by zesteur
Releasing Platform Design Toolkit 2.1 – Stories of Platform Design
It’s been a while since we updated the Platform Design Toolkit for the last time. After the, monumental, 2.0 release that came out in October 2016, we briefly updated the Toolkit — and the guidelines…
design  organisations  coaching  resource!  methodology 
11 days ago by zesteur
12 Patterns of Platform Design to kickstart Innovation Strategies
This post is brought to you by and is dispatched in our fortnightly newsletter As the loyal readers know, we recently introduced an experimental framework (see: “Exploring…
design  organisations  coaching  resource!  methodology 
11 days ago by zesteur
The 7 Key Principles of Platform Design – Stories of Platform Design
This post is brought to you by and is dispatched in our fortnightly newsletter What is the best way to bring a knowledge framework to the world — in the open — to allow as…
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11 days ago by zesteur

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