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REDEF ORIGINAL: Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think
Much has been said about Fortnite’s revenue, users, business model, origin and availability. But these narratives are overhyped. What matters is how these achievements, when added to the rest of Epic Games, stand to change the entertainment industry forever.
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february 2019 by euler
Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think
Fortnite’s top and bottomlines are certainly enviable, but they’re far from without precedent – or even the best examples of the category’s potential.

Fortnite is Netflix's most threatening competitor.

Second – and in only a year – Epic has also built up another great and particularly hard to establish advantage: some 200MM+ registered user accounts. Each of these accounts is equipped with individual and directly reachable email addresses, in many cases a clear social graph, as well as dual factor authentication via cell phone numbers, and, often, credit cards.

Epic founder Tim Sweeney has frequently expressed a belief that the 30% standard is both usurious and harmful to independent innovation (which will matter a lot more later in this piece).

“If you look at why people are paid to do things, it’s because they’re creating a good or delivering a service that’s valuable to somebody,” Sweeney told Venturebeat in 2017. “There’s just as much potential for that in these virtual environments as there is in the real world. If, by playing a game or doing something in a virtual world, you’re making someone else’s life better, then you can be paid for that.”

Beyond its existing social square, Epic and Fortnite have several advantages as they pursue this Metaverse. First is the extent of Fortnite’s massive reach, defined by the number of users, multiplied by their frequency of use, multiplied by the duration of use, multiplied by the number of devices used, multiplied by the size of each user’s social graph (i.e. friends). Fortnite’s ability to cross all platforms is equally important (a virtual world that’s only occasionally accessible doesn’t really work), as is the ability to monetize without requiring or providing advantages based on game-related purchases (this allows Fortnite’s metaverse to be both egalitarian and accessible across all demographics and geographies).
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february 2019 by bjr

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