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aplicación para poder medir objetivos a conseguir y metas
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january 2018 by pacoalcaide
VIDEO – Going Where No Camera Has Gone Before – Our Documentary About The Omega Master Chronometer Certification
Going Where No Camera Has Gone Before - Our TV-Style Documentary About The Omega Master Chronometer Certification and a Visit of the Facilities
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november 2017 by phubbard
Raging Rapidity: The Fast and The Furious – The No-Name Movie Blog
When I tell people I’m really into the Fast and the Furious movies, I usually get a bewildered look, followed by people asking if I mean that I’m into them ironically. When I inform people that I don’t really buy into liking things ironically, the baffled looks get even worse. Maybe this isn’t as true after Fast Five walked away with a whole boat-full of money in 2011, but I’ve been on board since Tokyo Drift and I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to talk about what exactly I like about this most-unfairly-maligned and under-watched of modern cinematic franchises.
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august 2017 by floatondown
INFOGRAPHIC: Word Counts of Famous Books
The graphic looks at the length of some famous novels, poems, and plays from literary history.
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december 2016 by floatondown
Is Denmark slowing down its energy transition?
Denmark has seen wind power, which covered more than 40 percent of demand in 2015, peak at around 140 percent of demand. The goal is now to reach 50 percent wind power by 2020, and to do so the Danes actually need to slow down – to the extent that the goal is also seen as a limit. And again, the German situation is similar; the Germans could reach the maximum goal (limit) of 45 percent renewable electricity for 2025 as early as 2018.
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june 2016 by asilvao
whump galore
you can never have enough Steve whump, even if it isn’t very realistic, or often enough. okay. his personality definitely works well for us avid whumpers, because he is reckless, definitely has a “hero complex”, and thinks he is “Superman”. thus, he should get hurt a lot.
h50  char:steve  whump!  fandom  metas 
october 2015 by floatondown
octoswan | An Argument in Tropes - A Destiel Meta
In which I talk a bit about Dean and Cas and the specific tropes their dynamic has been touching on this season.
spn  metas  dean/castiel  romance  queerbaiting 
august 2015 by floatondown

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