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Ballerina Bowl
The Ballerina Bowls are designed by the internationally successful designer studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. Ballerina is a series of unstable bowls with a rounded base made in highly polished brass plate in three sizes. Designed 2011.
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january 2017 by fogfish
Presto Precision Ground Flat Stock
Presto Precision Ground Flat Stock >> for making planishers AND stakes for when filleting fish.
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october 2016 by fogfish
NJ Silversmith
Made at Home
These hammers are proudly made right here at home in the USA using highly skilled and experienced craftsmen/women. Nothing is sourced offshore to make these hammers. They are made one at a time by hand in limited quantity.

Unparalleled Form
The handles are cut from locally sourced, hand selected cherry. Each one is carefully hand shaped into its signature form and final sanded. They are given a hand rubbed oil finish creating a rich color and satiny surface. The distinctive heads are CNC machined from 440-C stainless steel and certified at 57 Rockwell.

The carefully weighted 3.7 ounce head has a 30mm diameter face. The hand finished, flawless satin surface bears a laser engraved trademark. Heads are fitted one by one to their handles and manually fixed in place with a hand cut hardwood wedge the old fashioned way. You may store your hammer in its protective resealable plastic bag to keep it like new.
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october 2016 by fogfish
Cnc Plasma Cutter, Cnc Plans, Cnc Plasma Table
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april 2016 by sushidub
Finishing: Anodizing, Plating, Powder Coating, & Surface Finishing
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april 2013 by sugerman
From, The Swordmaker. Korehira Watanabe is one of the...
From, The Swordmaker.

Korehira Watanabe is one of the last remaining Japanese swordsmiths. He has spent 40 years honing his craft in an attempt to recreate Koto, a type of sword that dates back to the Heian and Kamakura periods (794-1333 AD). No documents remain to provide context for Watanabe’s quest, but he believes he has come close to creating a replica of this mythical samurai sword.
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november 2011 by noii

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