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In which we get deeply nerdy about museum dates…
One of the particular challenges faced by almost every museum is how to deal consistently with dates. Most of the time, computers are used to dealing with complete, precise, unambiguous dates, such as "August 28, 1979". If everything is unambiguous, it's easy to say whether one date is the same as another, or comes before, or after.
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Standard usage patterns for extended file attributes.
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Digital History Learning Journal – Jeff Blackadar, history student, Carleton University
As of yesterday my computer completed reprocessing of all of the issues of the Shawville Equity to extract named entities from the text. I have been able to upload all of the new data to the website except the table that relates location entities to the issues of The Equity they were published in. via Pocket
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4 days ago by kintopp
Generally I ignore Valentine's day but I have all the love for this 💕
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