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Report: The humanitarian metadata problem: ‘Doing no harm’ in the digital era | Privacy International
According to the 2018 Global Humanitarian Overview, there are more than 134 million people across the world in need humanitarian assistance. Of these, about 90.1 million will receive aid of some form. It is likely that the data of each of these people will be collected and processed at some point.
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2. retention laws
I've concluded the mainstream newspapers and commercial TV stations…
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Using Metadata to find Paul Revere
I have been asked by my superiors to give a brief demonstration of the surprising effectiveness of even the simplest techniques of the new-fangled Social Networke Analysis in the pursuit of those who would seek to undermine the liberty enjoyed by His Majesty’s subjects.
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4 days ago by crahan
Algorithms for Historical Maps
In our research, we invented a tool that assigns place markers to labels on old maps. What is that good for? Well, as you can see above, historical maps often contain a surprising amount of labeled places. This is interesting content one can extract from the map. via Pocket
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RT : Seeking comment: recommendations in the draft Guide ( for Services and rela…
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GNDCon Wiki
Herzlich Willkommen zur ersten GNDCon. Es erwarten Sie zwei dicht gefüllte Tage mit einem umfangreichen Programm. Vierzig Programmpunkte auf fünf Programmblöcke verteilt, von Authority Control bis Wikidata. Ob Deep Dive Session, Talk, Workshop oder Freiraum für das Außerplanmäßige, unterschiedliche Formate ermöglichen unterschiedliche Perspektiven auf die GND und Normdaten.
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8 days ago by kintopp
Jackson Hole: Stop Tagging Locations
There has been much discussion in recent days of how location tagging in social media is harming natural landmarks around the world. And now even authorities are taking a stand: the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board in Wyoming has launched a new campaign against location tags.
With the rise of social media, previously quiet landmarks such as Horseshoe Bend in Arizona have become flooded with so many tourists that landscapes are being altered, both by so many people trampling through and by governments in order to make those spots safe. This trend has sparked a movement among nature photographers to not geotag photos while exploring the great outdoors.
“Every time someone captures stunning scenery and tags the exact location, crowds follow,” the tourism board says. “[I]n the spirit of our conservation tradition, we’re championing a new environmental initiative: Tag Responsibly, Keep Jackson Hole Wild.”
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9 days ago by rgl7194
My Photography Tech Posts
Collected here are links to my tech-related photography posts....

Collected here are links to my tech-related photography posts....

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11 days ago by michaelfox
VRmeta: The World's First Video Metadata Hub
Subscription-based metadata tagging of video and image assets, with export of XMP and CSV files. You can even use crosshairs to tag objects within the frame, with time and spatial information preserved—great for marking advertising on race cars!
VRmeta allows users to apply in-frame, time-based descriptive metadata, as well as IPTC keyword and caption metadata to every popular video asset type, and to export and share both the videos and their corresponding metadata with every known DAM and MAM.
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11 days ago by chrismyth
Linked Data Tools Free Downloads Semantic Web has been set up by professional developers to help the web community into a new phase of the web, Web 3.0 - or the Semantic Web. We believe that the future of computing is held in cloud computing and semantic data. But to bring in this new model of computing we need new tools, and new information. Hence
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12 days ago by m3gan0
Discontinued annotations editor on May 2, 2017
We will stop showing existing annotations to viewers starting January 15, 2019. All existing annotations will be removed.
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15 days ago by mikael
LibreCat/Catmandu data processing toolkit
Catmandu is a command line tool to access and convert data from your digital library, research services or any other open data sets. Download data via protocols such as OAI-PMH, SRU, SPARQL and Linked Data Fragments. Convert formats such as MARC, MODS, Dublin Core and many more. via Pocket
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