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Ensuring Beautiful Rich Links - Fall 2017 - Videos - Apple Developer
Website links received in Messages can be made vastly more inviting than a simple text URL. By providing small amounts of metadata in your web pages, links to your website can include rich content such as icons, images and even video. Learn how visitors to your website can share links that look as good as your website.
opengraph  og  open  graph  icon  favicon  ios  links  meta  metatags  metadata 
5 days ago by fjordaan
The Open Graph protocol
The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.
og  open  graph  meta  metadata  facebook  protocol 
5 days ago by fjordaan
AWS IAM Role issue without retry · Issue #94 · fluent-plugins-nursery/fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logs
What we do is we have a fluentd container sending logs to AWS cloudwatch from other containers in kubernetes. The EC2 instances where it runs do have proper role set that allows it to send logs. It looks like sometimes there are some tim...
aws  iam  retry  sdk  cloudwatch  timeout  credentials  refresh  metadata  logs  fluent  fluentd  plugin 
6 days ago by eeichinger
UNT Libraries Metadata Quality Interfaces - ELAG 2018 - YouTube
Presentation about the UNT Libraries' metadata editing environment and the metadata quality tools that we have been working on. Twitter: @vphillWork Blog/Journal: via Pocket
diglib  interface  metadata  quality  talk  video 
7 days ago by kintopp
Blocking EC2 Metadata service from Docker containers in AWS | OpsTips
Check out how to make sure Docker containers running in AWS are unnable to access the EC2 metadata service.
block  ec2  aws  metadata  docker  networking  access  security  container 
7 days ago by eeichinger
The Code4Lib Journal – FAIR Principles for Library, Archive and Museum Collections: A proposal for standards for reusable collections
In this article[2] we propose a body of requirements for making LAM collections findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR), as well as a set of recommendations for assessing existing institutional situations and for implementation of the requirements.
metadata  collectionsonline  onlinecollections  GLAM  museums  libraries  archives  openculturaldata  opendata 
11 days ago by miaridge
Exif Editor
The workflow is very straightforward. You just perform couple of easy steps to make your work done.

The workflow is very straightforward. You just perform couple of easy steps to make your work done.

exif  tools  photo  metadata  osx  files  app  macos  filesystem  xattr  photos 
17 days ago by michaelfox

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