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How information about library collections represents a treasure trove for research in the humanities and social sciences
WorldCat, an aggregate database of library catalogues worldwide, was primarily set up to aid libraries in carrying out their work in areas such as cataloguing or resource sharing. But the information it carries about much of the world’s accumulated published output is also a a unique source of information for answering a wide range of questions about world literature and other forms of creative expression. Brian Lavoie offers an insight into the types of questions WorldCat data can provide answers to, and how research of this kind also amplifies the value and impact of library collections
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DCMI: Dublin Core Metadata Type Vocabulary
Standard values for dc.type field:

Interactive Resource
Physical Object
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Google Adds Image Rights Metadata to Photo Search Results
Google is taking another big step in protecting photographers’ copyright through the Google Images image search engine: it just added image rights metadata to the photo search results on Google Images.
Developed in collaboration with the photo industry consortium CEPIC and the media technical standards body IPTC, the new feature helps make it clear to Google search engine users who the copyright owner of a photo is.
“It’s traditionally been difficult to know the creator of images on the web, as well as who might own the rights,” Google says. “This information is often part of image metadata, and is key to protecting image copyright and licensing information.”
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