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Star Wars: The Ideology of the First Order - YouTube
Lately I'm getting obsessed with Lindsay Ellis and this is really great. Also honestly a great video about fascism.
politics  starwars  meta  vid 
5 hours ago by bobrhyn
Meta Tags — Preview, Edit and Generate
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3 days ago by atran
Real Wolf Packs and How They Relate to Teen Wolf Werewolves - burntotears - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
So I watched a National Geographic show on Wolf Packs and totally recorded it for research for Teen Wolf fic, not gonna lie. And Mom asked me why I was watching it, and I told her "because I write werewolf stories." LOL

Now I am meta-ing hardcore about Pack Dynamics in real wolves and how it relates to Teen Wolf and the relationships the wolves will have with others (specifically Derek and of course Sterek). If you’re interested in wolf dynamics, you might enjoy this. Most of this is how wolves actually interact in a pack and how that can correlate to our Teen Wolf werewolf canon.

Work Text:
teen_wolf  meta 
3 days ago by TheShadowPanther
Meta Tags — Preview, Edit and Generate
With Meta Tags you can edit and experiment with your content then preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter and more!
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3 days ago by ilijusin
Meta Tags — Preview, Edit and Generate
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6 days ago by clearstyle
Meta Tags
With Meta Tags you can edit and experiment with your content then preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter and more!
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6 days ago by roggedoggelito
Guardian Episode Guide - Galaxystew
A misleading title -- it's mainly an episode guide to the scenes with Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei interacting. But that's useful as well. Uh.

Also this:
The Naughty Episode Titles of Guardian 镇魂
Various of which are hilarious.
meta  Guardian  镇魂  via:blueMeridian  fandom:Guardian 
6 days ago by zhena
Fan fiction site AO3 is dealing with a free speech debate of its own - The Verge
"What should an individual be allowed to publish online? It’s a complicated question in 2018 and within the wider conversation across the web about the limits of speech, from privately owned social media platforms to entities explicitly protected by the First Amendment. Yet, despite similarities between the AO3 debate and conversations about speech on Twitter or Reddit, the subversive nature of fan fiction — as well as the actual functionality of AO3 as an archive rather than a social media platform — means that in the fan-fic world, the discussion gets even more complicated. Where many social media free speech debates have been about literal speech, fandom’s version involves creative work, which exists within the contexts of both fannish history and the longer history of how sensitive topics are handled in fiction overall."
fandom  article  meta 
7 days ago by programmedradly

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