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Aaron Bass: Schrödinger’s Gay
Through Aaron Bass, Supernatural does something that is quite rare in television or film.  Aaron is a character with ambiguous sexual orientation and, without turning him into a joke or requiring clarification of his sexuality; he is presented as a complicated human character who rises to be a hero.  Additionally, through his character, heteronormative assumptions are subverted, mocked and rendered irrelevant.
supernatural  meta.any_fandom  author.lookatthesefreakinghipsters 
april 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Hels Yeah:
I actually have a different reason for not writing Erik-speaking-German into fic, which is that (at least in my hazy memories) we simply didn’t see it in the comics very often.

[Meta on Erik's ethnicity and language use. It's my headcanon that Erik's family is actually German *and* Polish. -L]
x-men  meta.any_fandom 
february 2012 by lorem_ipsum
verasteine: Thoughts: Our Accidental Utopia? (or why vidding makes me gleeful) - 29 Jul 2011
The sexism and misogyny widely displayed in slash fanfic is a disturbing but familiar phenomenon, assigning gender roles and creating gender dichotomy in places where canon doesn't, or wouldn't (if it were inclined the way of slash.) Then I wandered into my latest fandom, poked at some vids, and had fun.

Until I backed up, watched one vid again, and thought, "Hang on." I'm not new to the fluid way that fanvids treat gender...
september 2011 by lorem_ipsum
some_stars: oh the Holocaust, will you never cease to stir controversy?
Fandom will not cease to thrive if people do research; fans can and do put in that effort when it seems important to them. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Read a book. Thank you.
x-men  meta.any_fandom  meta.history 
september 2011 by lorem_ipsum
hey_legousa: Magneto: Gangster Rapper
So most of this stems from my pet interest in the formation of masculine identities within oppressed communities. Also I’ve been mulling over the many and different ways the X-Men universe multiverse would be different if it didn’t just pay lip-service to progressivism and Did The Research(TM)[1] so that the text could intelligently engage in dialogue with the real-life histories and social movements that it’s supposed to be emulating and honoring.[2]

Anyway, the Brotherhood. It’s great! And it’s such an awesome way to talk about intersectionality. It puts me in the mind of nationalistic phrases like the French motto “liberté, égalité, fraternité”.
x-men  meta.any_fandom 
august 2011 by lorem_ipsum
thingswithwings | the man, the myth, the monotone
Today I am inventing new rules for fanfiction. One of my new rules is, if two people are having anal sex, for the sake of the little baby jesus please, all I am asking, all I want to know, is whether they're face to face or back to front. I don't think this is so much to ask.
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
eredien: We're here, we're queer, we're boosting your Nielsen ratings
Modern media privileges depictions of straight people's romantic interactions in a way that queer romantic interactions are rarely privileged: through enabling straight people to ignore bad writing in a way that queer people cannot. [...]

When a queer person finds themselves in that situation (which is common), stating, "gee, I was worried that this particular show wouldn't be entertaining for me, because I couldn't be entertained on a personal level and the creators made no effort to entertain me on an artistic level," isn't strange. [...]

If people we meet only tell us stories we already know, we are not going to know what to do when we meet people whose stories are different from the ones we know.
meta.any_fandom  meta.panfandom  lgbt  author:eredien 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
maculategiraffe: Writing from the hips
It just isn't satisfying to write from the prefrontal cortex and cut the amygdala out of the action, and it isn't natural, either; anybody who still bothers to write when nobody's grading them on it (or paying them a decent ongoing hourly wage) is writing because they want something written, on a level as primal as an itch...

If the internet has taught us anything, it's that enough people out there share your id-iosyncrasies that somebody else's id would enjoy pretty much anything you chose to write.

[S. Meyer's writing process elucidated in dialog between Id, Ego, and Superego. -L]
meta.any_fandom  id_vortex  twilight  rec.funny 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
rm: Dragon*Con panel recap - Fannish response to character death (Anime/Manga fandom studies)
...I started this research really in response to what I was seeing and experiencing in the Torchwood fandom, which didn't feel new to me, so much as very, very old.

Most of the time there's a lot of anger when I talk about this topic. The Torchwood fandom isn't just still gutted by the narrative events of its third season, but large swathes of it remain in conflict -- with the show writers and producers, and with other fans who have had different responses not just to the program, but to their feelings about it.

And, of course, it's not just Torchwood fandom. Joss Whedon fans are still nursing wounds from deaths like that of Tara on Buffy, and those wounds are very real, even if I posit that they are less likely to create a ritualized mourning response because of the way Whedon structures his narrative arcs.
torchwood  btvs  meta.any_fandom  meta.character  author:rm 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
azn_jack_fiend: Keep using the word "SLUT" as an insult if you're petty, hateful and bigoted
If the paragraph above doesn't sound like you? If you don't want to be in that company? Then stop using the word slut and whore as insults.
meta.any_fandom  meta.sexuality 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
hradzka | epiphany
FANDOM. "Well, there's gen and meta; gen, slash, and meta; slash and porn; slash, het, and porn; porn, flamewars, meta and porn; porn, slash, vids, and porn; porn, slash, porn, porn, meta and porn; porn, meta, porn, porn, flamewars, porn, slash, and porn..."

VIKINGS. *singing* "Porn, porn, porn, porn!"

FANDOM. ", porn, porn, slash, and porn; porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, wingfic, porn, porn, porn..."
meta.any_fandom  meta.panfandom  humor  author:hradzka 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
yuki_onna: The Future/I mean/wow
I feel like this has something to do with the whole "SF stories are IDEA STORIES and shouldn't have, like CHARACTERS or FEELINGS because those are GAY and also for GIRLS." Because poetry, despite having been written by straight white dudes for many eons without any problem, falls into the category of things that are gay and for girls, at least in the minds of people who make statements of that kind on forums and private email lists and such. So maybe there's a defensiveness about the very act of writing an SF poem--poems almost always deal in emotion and rich images, it's kind of poetry's thing. So obviously, the way to make these poems Proper SF is to strip away any feeling, or adjectives, or speakers which might be characters, and to put in a pun because Douglas Adams made that ok...
poetry  scifi  writing  meta.any_fandom  author:yuki_onna 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
fan_eunice: vid rambling
What I want is for a vid to provide an emotional connection between the song, the visuals, and the person watching it. That's it.
meta.any_fandom  vidding 
september 2008 by lorem_ipsum
con_txt: By Popular Demand
Best Quotes from CON.TXT

“Can someone please explain it to me?” “It’s Canadian.”

“It’s not [Torchwood’s] fault they got their moral compass out of a Crackerjack box.”
meta.any_fandom  humor 
june 2008 by lorem_ipsum
orange852: and am I allowed to change my mind about badfic?
Also? Define crackfic. In a fandom where transformation to a bug is canon, how can transformation to a penguin be crack? Does the gayness of the penguin put it over the top?
meta.any_fandom  meta.fanfic  auth.orange852 
june 2008 by lorem_ipsum
slodwick: and this is public, name-attached stuff, even.

I am occasionally jealous of people in bandom.

I mean. They're so shiny and happy and \o/ and COMPLETELY BUGFUCK INSANE...
meta.any_fandom  bandom  auth.slodwick 
june 2008 by lorem_ipsum
crabby_lioness: One Thing We Can Say About 51st Century Humans
The picture I'm very Classical Roman. The outside is cosmopolitan, liberal, tolerant, multi-cultural, some would say decadent. But the core values are family, duty, and honor.
doctor_who  torchwood  ep.forest_of_the_dead  author.crabby_lioness  meta.any_fandom  jack_harkness 
june 2008 by lorem_ipsum
penknife: Auntie Penknife's Guide to Flirting for Men
I cannot promise you any particular result to your flirtation if you follow these suggestions (remember the advice about not having a sense of entitlement?)
meta.any_fandom  feminism 
june 2008 by lorem_ipsum
quirkybird: Nerd Taxonomy
Technically, as long as you are passionately into something, you can correctly call yourself a "_______ Nerd"; but, when decontextualized from the safe haven of a prefix like "mountain biking" or "hi-fi equipment", we are left with the question: what is a
june 2008 by lorem_ipsum

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