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Chivalry Isn’t Dead, You Just Don’t Know What the Fuck it is. | Myths RETOLD
That’s what chivalry was for. Chivalry was – and still is – basically a way of saying, “okay, I have an optimized death machine between my legs, maybe I should look out for people who don’t have one of these.” So it’s not that chivalry is specifically about defending women because women are weak. It’s that chivalry is about defending people who don’t own horses, and in the middle ages women didn’t own shit.
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3 days ago by Beatrice_Otter
Tell Me Where All Past Years Are - Homeworld 8
A bunch of us on the DWJ mailing list were wondering about Howl's past - where did he go to school, what field did he study in, how did he end up in Ingary in the first place. DWJ's friend Minnow is on the list and asked DWJ. Minnow kindly wrote down her memories of the response.
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9 days ago by esther_a
Asphodel and Wormwood - Slytherin and Eton: A Primer on the British School...

The notion of Houses, defining people at age 11, is already a weird way to handle things, after all, and defining an entire group of them as evil from the start? Yeah that’s not great, particularly if you identify with aspects of them. I myself would probably be a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, so I can understand this distaste.

But…here’s the thing. The reasons for treating Slytherin this way are not entirely diagectic in nature. The house is the centre of a massive pile up involving world building, characterisation and most importantly some fairly blunt and pointed social commentary about the British School system and society at large.

It’s been a running gag that what racism is to the American political discussion, classism is to the British. This is not entirely true (for one thing we are certainly not over racism or xenophobia here), but there is a nugget in there. British society is heavily class stratified society. We have some of the worst mobility in the developed world, and much of our political system is dominated by a very small part of society.
fandom:harrypotter  meta 
25 days ago by kit12123
Let's Talk Magic Systems
This is partly a list of questions that you can ask yourself to flesh out such a system, partly an exploration of how some of those answers may be more or less fulfilling than others, and partly me musing on my own system.
tumblr  gaming  meta 
26 days ago by elfwreck
People have been talking about misogyny in slash
Every time I've tried to resurrect that long-abandoned essay, what keeps coming through the surface of the theories is something much more personal - my story, how slash drew me in, seduced me, obsessed me, and in the end gave me something I never expected.
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26 days ago by elfwreck

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