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A Misplaced Stone — the harry potter books rated by Harry's Sass™
the sorcerer’s stone: dudley asking harry if he wants to practice sticking his head down the toilet and harry replying “no thanks, the poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it - it might be sick” like ooo!!! sick burn!!! good for an 11 year old but overall still in the developmental stage. 6/10

the chamber of secrets: dudley (once again lmao get rekt) telling harry “i know what day it is” and harry replying “well done, so you’ve finally learned the days of the week.” lockhart trying to be all Amazing Teacher™ and shit and telling harry “just do what i did, harry!” and harry saying “what, drop my wand?” overall good but not with as much of an Oomph™ factor as the sorcerer’s stone. 5/10

the prisoner of azkaban: ah yes!!! Harry’s Sass™ in its adolescent years!!!! no longer a toddler, now solidly about 11 years old. draco making fun of harry for fainting at the quidditch game bc of the dementors and saying “shame [the broom] doesn’t come with a parachute - in case you get too near a dementor.” and harry replying “pity you can’t attach an extra arm to yours, malfoy. then it could catch the snitch for you.” 8/10 purely because he fucking MURDERED whiny bitch ass baby malfoy ha ha take that

the goblet of fire: a good amount of sass!! a healthy amount of sass! perhaps a bit held back though (come on harry get it together). rita skeeter annoying harry and asking for a word and jk rowling LITERALLY writing “‘yeah, you can have a word,’ said harry savagely. ‘good-bye’” like FUCK he is canon savage in this book!!!! DAMN!!!!! and then he reks malfoy AGAIN “you know that expression [your mother’s got], like she’s got dung under her nose? has she always looked like that, or was it just because you were with her?” MOTHERFUCK GO OFF 9/10

the order of the phoenix: HOLY GRAIL OF HARRY’S SASS™. THE MOTHERLOAD. GOD DAMN. when vernon asks him why he’s listening to the news again and harry replies w/ “well, it changes every day, you see.” when hermione’s warning him about picking fights w/ malfoy bc malfoy will make life hard for him and harry’s like “wow, i wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life” like fuck harry!!! tell us how u really feel!!!! literally ANY TIME he talks to an adult he doesn’t like. sassing dudley left & right, putting him in his place w/ “this is night, diddykins. that’s what we call it when it goes all dark like this” like fuck harry brought out the big guns w/ “diddykins”. overall wonderful, truly. a good healthy teenage dose of sass. 100/10


the deathly hallows: “it’s time you learned some respect!” “it’s time you earned it” sassing the minister of magic hooooooo boy. not much else bc harry’s too busy like saving the world and shit. so extra points for multitasking and being an overall well rounded sass-er. 8/10
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9 days ago by kit12123
If there’s one thing I’ve learned
when I fuck, it doesn’t look like you are expecting queer fictional people to fuck. When my friends fuck, it doesn’t look like you are expecting queer fictional people to fuck, either. So why? And why am I spending all this time writing about the specific sex that I am, in fact, writing about; and not the other? I must be getting something out of it, but I’m sure as hell not getting paid. So why do I do it? Do I get something from it personally, do you think? Do I get something from it in the context of fandom? Do I get something from it in the context of our broader society? For that matter, why are you expecting the kind of sex that you are expecting? What do you get out of it, personally? What do you get out of it in the context of fandom? What do you get from it in the context of our broader society?
How does the tension between the sex you are expecting and the sex that I am writing relate to gender, and sexuality, and power?
How does that tension relate back to consent?
And what space does the kind of sex that I am having my characters have give my characters to be those characters, and the story to be this story, within the context of the 478 pages that I have written? The additional… oh, 250 pages or so, that I have yet to go?
Because remember: this is a crafted work. All fiction—including fanfic—is crafted, and it’s really important not to lose sight of that. This isn’t, like, the arbitrariness of brutal reality; it isn’t born out of nowhere; it is, instead, something for which, as an author, I make choices. And, for a story that is, by volume, approximately 68.2% queer people navigating how to touch each other, an awful lot of those choices have to do with how I craft the ways in which they are, in fact, touching.
So what choices did I, in fact, make?
What words about touching did I, in fact, put on the page?
What implications do those choices have, for how you perceive these characters that I am writing, doing all that touching?
Why do you think I made those choices, to have them touch, and not touch, each other like that?
And how do you think those choices relate to the choices I make in crafting the other 31.8% of the story?
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10 days ago by concinnity
The headers we want
Manipulating HTTP headers is one of the most common things that Fastly customers do. Using the right combination of headers is one of the best things you can do for the security of your site, and also a significant contributor to performance.
Manipulating HTTP headers is one of the most common things that Fastly customers do. Using the right combination of headers is one of the best things you can do for the security of your site, and also a significant contributor to performance.
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10 days ago by michaelfox
hey, i'm seeing hamilton uk in a month and i'm...
So far, up until London, all the Burrs I’ve seen have fallen on a spectrum that goes from 1 (I am cool and collected and sleek and prepared and On Purpose and Lying In Wait; this comes naturally to me and until I met goddamn Hamilton I was sure it was the way to success. But he keeps winning so maybe I need to change my game plan??? You want fire, America?? I will BE fire. I will Light The Frickin Sky– oh shit I fucked up) to 10 (there is a FIRE inside my heart, my ambition and my drive BURNS ME ALIVE, and I keep all that passion shoved and contained and shackled deep down inside my soul except when I’m at the height of the song Wait For It, when the audience gets the first glimpse of Me and it puts them on the thudding edges of their seats, because I think control, patience, grit, and determination is the way to success, even if I have to fight with myself to embody those things. I will wait. I will strive. I will survive everything thrown at me and I Will Win, using this inner, burning core of myself to drive me forward– but Hamilton is on fire just like me, he doesn’t hide any of it, he just goes, and he just Wins. How does that work? It’s not fair and I’m angry about it? Well fine let ME finally release all the chains I’ve bound myself with – oh shit I fucked up)

Most Burrs fall somewhere along that spectrum, 1 to 10, either on fire within and finally letting go at Room Where It Happens, or full of a more icy drive and instead lighting themselves on fire at that moment. But Burr is sleek, controlled, purposeful, powerful, suave, ambitious– the question generally is whether that is his nature, or an affect he puts on, something calm and controllable and purposeful in a life that’s had so much random tragic chaos in it.

But Terera? He walked on stage and it was like… Ok so this Burr definitely got stuffed into lockers and had his lunch money stolen at college. Dude, YOU kill a man?
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13 days ago by kit12123
Trappings of Zed
James Buchanan Bucky Barnes, science nerd for life, casually accepting the alien babies of Orcs/Demogorgons and talking raccoons with shotguns. Then practical mother-fucker the Winter Soldier going, this raccoon can have my 6, nice, and picking Rocket up and spinning him around like a murderous little kid on a summertime picnic. 
And…and finally…the best performance Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes has ever given us. One word. One whispered, confused, heartbreaking, word: “Steve?”
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13 days ago by timberwolfoz
Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — prettyarbitrary: 22drunkb: ...
“Friend” was used as code or cover for homoerotic subtext in entertainment during intolerant time periods.  While perhaps not the writer’s intention, that context exists.
“Friendship” isn’t really a feeling anyway.  Which adds to the sense that Spock is confused and struggles to identify and label emotional urges.
He is “ashamed” of the feeling.  Not just feelings in general, but this specific one.  Yet in later episodes, he seems to have no problem labeling Kirk as a friend.  So again, it stands to reason there’s not just “friendship” at play here.
Years later, Roddenberry would invent a word for Kirk and Spock’s relationship that translates to some mysterious combination of “friend/brother/lover.”  i.e. he allowed for ambiguity.
Therefore, in hindsight it’s conceivable that Spock was referring to a t’hy’la-like feeling in this scene - a nebulous jumble of intense platonic bonds and potential romanticism.
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13 days ago by timberwolfoz
Misha Is My Angel • One of my all-time favorite thing happens during...
one of my all-time favorite thing happens during the opening credits of the search for spock. they show william shatner name then there is a glorious near 7 second gap where there is no name then deforest kelly is shown. the second place where leonard’s name is always shown is a blank space but it is still acknowledged because no one can take that place. and it kind of truly implies the journey of the movie and the entire series. that spock belongs by kirks side even if he is not there anymore. that space could be empty visibly but can never be fulfilled by anything or anyone. that’s kirk spock.that’s star trek.
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14 days ago by timberwolfoz
Ex Astris, Scientia
After taking a closer look at the instances where the touch telepathic abilities of Vulcans are mentioned and or used during TOS and TMP I wanted to sum up the results in one last post on the subject.

The first time the Vulcan Mind Meld is used occurs in the first season episode “Dagger Of The Mind” (S1E11 in production order). Here Spock melds with Dr. Gelder to find out what happened to him. During the series there are a number of occasions when Spock has to meld with someone or something. It is always a last resort and only if there is no better way to solve the problem or handle miscommunication (remember the Horta?).

It took me by surprise to realize that the first Mind Meld with Jim only happens in season three. Episode 56 to be precisely. In “Spectre Of The Gun” Spock melds with the entire crew to convince their minds that what happens to them is not real, in order to save their lives. At first this doesn’t seem to be that much of an indicator for intimacy, but looking at the reactions of the other crew members it does prove interesting. While Scotty and McCoy freeze and seem terrified by having another mind in their head, Jim is comfortable and doesn’t display any signs of distress.
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14 days ago by timberwolfoz
Hello, Alice. Welcome to Wonderland. — onedamnminuteadmiral: I love the idea of Spock...
I love the idea of Spock falling in love with Jim first. It’s this steady progression of emotion starting from the day they meet, and building over years. Little moments feed into it, to the point that he doesn’t know exactly when it began or if it would ever end, just that it’s been happening all along. And he’s okay with it. Just like, “this is a beautiful emotion, and– even though I’m not supposed to feel it– I’ll treasure it. And him.”
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14 days ago by timberwolfoz
One Shirt Two Shirt Red Shirt Dead Shirt — Plato’s Stepchildren. Yes my legendary children,...
It is not what was done to him personally, but it is what Parmen did to Jim that is upsetting Spock beyond his ability to conceal or control it. Parmen humiliated Jim, hurt him, nearly killed him – worst of all, Parmen attempted to make Spock personally do it. And Spock. Cannot. Handle it.

This is one of the first times we see Spock in a rare moment exhibiting strong emotion without some outside influence or catalyst rendering the moment disingenuous. He is completely sound of mind, no spores, no plak tow, no being thrown back in time and regressing to ancient Vulcan savagery – this is a pure unfiltered organic Spock feeling, ladies and gentlemen.

And Spock. Is. Pissed.
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14 days ago by timberwolfoz

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