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Dublin Microservice "Introduction to Service Meshes"
"While service meshes may be the next "big thing" in microservices, the concept isn't new. Classical SOA attempted to implement similar technology for abstracting and managing all aspects of service-to-service communication, and this was often realized as the much-maligned Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Several years ago similar technology emerged from the microservice innovators, including Airbnb (SmartStack for service discovery), Netflix (Prana integration sidecars), and Twitter (Finagle for extensible RPC), and these technologies have now converged into the service meshes we are currently seeing being deployed.

In this talk, Daniel Bryant will share with you what service meshes are, why they are (and sometimes are not) well-suited for microservice deployments, and how best to use a service mesh when you're deploying microservices. This presentation begins with a brief history of the development of service meshes, and the motivations of the unicorn organisations that developed them. From there, you'll learn about some of the currently available implementations that are targeting microservice deployments, such as Istio/Envoy, Linkerd, and NGINX Plus."
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october 2018 by earth2marsh
ASUS's AiMesh spreads meshes connectivity to every corner
ASUS has released AiMesh as a free feature on compatible ASUS router models, available through the latest router firmware update. This feature allows users to create a flexible WiFi network to cover the whole house using compatible ASUS routers. Users can also look forward to easy management and control via ASUS Router mobile app or...

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ASUS’s  AiMesh  spreads  meshes  connectivity  to  every  corner 
january 2018 by vrzone

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