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inhiare ardens - mishcollin - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Merlin starts a courtship, and Arthur’s fine with it. Completely fine with it.

In which Arthur discovers that he’s not fine with it, and some other things about himself.
merlin  Merlin/Arthur  first.time  mishcollin  pining  pining.for.years  merlin/other  jealousy 
october 2018 by southerly
The Other Camelot [COMPLETE]
Merlin gets an enema every day, because Arthur likes it that way. His master has him on all fours in the bath tub each morning, filling him up slowly with lukewarm water that makes him ache inside, curls his toes up. He remembers when he used to use the bath to wash Arthur when he came home from a quest, to bathe his golden prince.

Warnings: non con, sexual slavery, humiliation, sounding, enemas, Merlin being passed around, mild painplay, plugs, refs to body modification
arthur/merlin  non-con  painplay  sounding  humiliation  merlin/other  slavery  complete  *posted 
may 2016 by mxa_news
Welsh Maiden
Arthur is girl!Merlin's teacher. He's always seen Merlin as bookish, eager to participate, and at times, even a bit annoying. Additionally, at fifteen, she's stuck in that awkward phase where she's too tall with larger than average ears and entirely too skinny. Drawing from his own high school experience, she's hardly the kind of girl he'd picture as having a boyfriend.

Which is why Arthur is so surprised when new student Gwaine arrives and not only takes an interest in Merlin, but soon makes her his girlfriend. He's most surprised by how bothered their relationship makes him. Somehow his jealousy leads to a torrid, hidden affair between Merlin & himself.
arthur/merlin  merlin/gwaine  merlin/other  genderbend  underage  power-difference  authority.figures  restraint  dub-con  complete  revealed  *posted 
july 2015 by mxa_news
Our Saturday Evenings (COMPLETE)
Every weekend Arthur and his friends watch football together. If their team is losing, they have an arrangement where Merlin entertains the group by giving blowjobs or letting them each take a turn to fuck him. Part of the arrangement is that Merlin must always (and only) be wearing his boyfriend, Arthur's, football jersey. Another stipulation is that Arthur will only fuck Merlin himself if their team turns the game around and wins.
merlin/knights  arthur/merlin  complete  merlin/other  *posted 
december 2014 by mxa_news
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #36
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Other

Merlin is a highly sought after prostitute, popular amongst his clients because of his magical ability to transform himself into the form his client most desires. So imagine his surprise when Arthur hires him and wants him as...just himself.
#KMM36  _prompt  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Other  _unfulfilled 
march 2014 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #36
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Other, modern AU

Arthur is the leader of the crime syndicate that runs Camelot from far behind the scenes. Merlin is one of his top-earning whores. After pleasuring as many men and women willing to empty their coffers to fuck or be fucked by him, Merlin ends every day in Arthur's bed - but Arthur isn't another client. Arthur cleans him up with careful hands, lays him down gently in soft sheets, then fucks him until Merlin forgets the face of every other person that's ever laid hands on him.

Arthur isn't a jealous lover. He just likes to remind Merlin who he belongs to.

And sometimes Merlin has to remind Arthur that money might've bought his loyalty, but Arthur earned his love.

Bonus points for Morgana being one of Arthur's frightening partners, Gwen being the sweet PA that can kick your ass with a smile, and every member of the syndicate knowing full well that the boys are stupidly in love.
Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Other  _prompt  _unfulfilled  #KMM36 
march 2014 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #36
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Other

Merlin and Arthur were only friends during the series. Maybe there was unrequited feelings, but neither did anything about them. It's been a lonely several centuries and it's difficult for Merlin without Arthur. Merlin misses everything about Arthur, including his name calling. So, Merlin started dating someone who calls him names.
Of course, Arthur always insulted Merlin with something akin to affection, while this guy clearly means them as insults, but Merlin's not too picky at this point.

One day, though, Merlin's walking by the lake and Arthur's boat comes to shore. Merlin takes a disheveled and disoriented Arthur back to his place. He's showered Arthur off, dressed him in a bath robe, and sits him down to give him a meal, when Merlin's boyfriend walks in. He sees Arthur and immediately starts berating (maybe even attacking Merlin). Arthur's not going to stand for this and beats the crap out of the guy and throws him out, warning him never to come back. Afterwards, Arthur wants to know why Merlin put up with the guy.
#KMM36  _prompt  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Other  _unfulfilled 
march 2014 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #36
Arthur/Other, Merlin/Other wherein Other is nobody or Merlin.

Picture Prompt: Angel I Will Follow You by Jacek Malczewski

Angel I Will Follow You by Jacek Malczewski

There's something about the child's pouting face, and the Angel's ear that reminded me of Arthur and Merlin respectively. I hope that everyone can enjoy the resemblance, and use it for inspiration. :)

All media is welcome to fill this prompt. Much appreciated! :)

[Image description: an angel with large white wings and dark hair is holding a shepherd's staff behind his back. The angel has his back to the viewer and is looking down at a fair-haired child, who is pouting/scowling back at the angel. Behind the child is a field and flock of white geese.]
::picture.prompt  Arthur/Other  Merlin/Other  _prompt  _unfulfilled  #KMM36  :multimedia.request 
march 2014 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #36
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Merlin, Canon universe

sex magic, bondage, self-cest, D/s themes, possible body control

Either Post-Reveal or Reveal fic is fine.

Since they have admitted to their feelings and mutual attraction, Merlin and Arthur have enjoyed a very healthy sex life. Recently, Merlin has added magical restraint and sex magic to his repertoire in bed and Arthur loves it, loves the temporary loss of control and the feeling of being dominated by another person he can trust.

Merlin soon finds out that being the world's most powerful sorcerer has its drawbacks. He watches the pleasure and release that Arthur receives from these encounters and wishes for a similar experience. Arthur has tried to return the favor with more traditional methods. While exciting, it doesn't quite soothe Merlin's cravings because, even though he plays along, he knows that because of his magic he's never truly being dominated.

Merlin tries putting it out of his mind, but the want and need to be completely at someone else's mercy eats away at him like a cancer. In desperation, he turns to the only person capable of giving him what he desires: himself.

Feel free to make this Arthur/Merlin/Merlin and get as crazy as you like! For example, Other!Merlin could dominate them both or orchestrate their encounter by forcing Merlin and Arthur to do things to each other "against their will".

The sky is the limit, although OP prefers that Other!Merlin be a safe entity that would not do harm to Merlin or Arthur.
#KMM36  _prompt  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Other  _unfulfilled 
march 2014 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #36
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Other

I'd love a fic where Arthur and Merlin are in high school and are friends. Merlin has a one-night stand with someone and ends up pregnant. Arthur finds out somehow and helps Merlin with the pregnancy/keeping it a secret. I'm not too fussed as to whether Merlin keeps the baby or not, just lots of Arthur being protective and helpful even though he can be a bit of a prat.
Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Other  _prompt  _unfulfilled  #KMM36 
march 2014 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #36
Merlin/other (other is Arthur, Uther or Cenred), scat, bdsm

Merlin is a manipulative sub who fakes being sick one night to get out of a scene. The Dom finds out and punishes him by dosing Merlin with exlax (unbeknownst to Merlin) before playing. Tied up and gagged, Merlin can't communicate and the Dom forces him to endure being plugged and then later fucked while he really isn't feeling good.
Merlin/Other  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Uther  Cenred/Merlin  _prompt  _unfulfilled  #KMM36 
march 2014 by kinkme_merlin
A dazzling Exhibition of wit, style and nerve (COMPLETE)
Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin/Percival Arthur/Percival Gwaine/Merlin

Merlin and Gwaine are a couple and they meet Arthur. They decide they want him and set out to seduce him, but Arthur has a boyfriend. Percival tells the to back off, and they do because Percival is huge. But then they decide that they want to keep both Arthur and Percival.
arthur/gwaine/merlin/percival  arthur/other  merlin/other  complete  *posted 
february 2014 by mxa_news
Once and Future
Arthur/Merlin/Uther canon (or medieval/dark age historical) AU

After a hard campaign Uther likes to take his men to a brothel. Uther particularly likes sharing prostitutes with Arthur. One day Uther picks out a dark-haired boy instead of the buxom ladies he usually goes for...

arthur/merlin  merlin/other  complete  *posted 
january 2014 by mxa_news
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #35
Arthur/Other, Merlin/Other, other being no one

Modern AU in which Arthur and Merlin are actors, or in a band, and Merlin is asked to lose weight as part of either a movie/play or to maintain a certain image. Arthur worries about him, especially how easily he loses the weight, and even more so when the project is complete and Merlin just seems to get skinnier/doesn't seem to be putting the weight back on. Lots of concerned and caring Arthur, maybe Merlin having some issues because of the weight loss - getting sick all the time, fainting, maybe getting injured too easily, etc. Happy ending. Lots of friendship.
#KMM35  _prompt  _unfulfilled  Arthur/Other  Merlin/Other 
august 2013 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #35
Arthur/other, Merlin/other, the other being no one

A reincarnation or historical AU in which Arthur is a Nazi soldier and Merlin is a Jew in a concentration camp. Arthur, without meaning to, befriends Merlin and when he finds out that Merlin is about to be sentenced to the gas chamber, breaks Merlin out and together they have to run for their lives. Whether Merlin has magic I'll leave up to the author.
#KMM35  _prompt  _unfulfilled  Arthur/Other  Merlin/Other 
august 2013 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #35
Arthur/Merlin Merlin/Other modern AU

Arthur has a massive crush on his PA's boyfriend Merlin. (PA could be Freya? Or Gwaine?)

How does he go about orchestrating opportunities to see him? They share a wicked sense of humour and get on like a house on fire. Merlin just thinks he's made a cool new friend, but his partner is uncomfortable with how close Arthur is getting to Merlin, thinking it must be something to do with spying on them for work.

Arthur is torn, he likes his PA and doesn't want to upset them, but goddamn it he needs to be with Merlin or else he's going to go insane.
#KMM35  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin/Other  _prompt  _unfulfilled 
august 2013 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #35
Crossover, Merlin/Other, where other is anyone or no one. Can be any pairing (or more than one pairing) or gen if you like.

Fusion or crossover with Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch series.
#KMM35  (crossover)  _prompt  Merlin/Other  _unfulfilled 
july 2013 by kinkme_merlin
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #35
Crossover, Merlin/Abe no Seimei, Onmyoji, gen
Merlin and Abe no Seimei, as two great immortal magic users, encounter each other in the modern era and hang out together and talk about magic and immortality and destiny and reminisce about the men they cared for. But really anything involving them meeting and being bros somehow would be awesome.
_prompt  #KMM35  Merlin/Other  (crossover)  _unfulfilled 
july 2013 by kinkme_merlin
Lost in the Northern Lands
Summary: What happens when four alphas and one in-heat omega get locked in a dungeon? Basically this.
Rating: Explicit
!fanfic  slash  moresome  merlin_bbc  merlin/arthur  merlin  arthur_pendragon  omega!verse  pwp  merlin/other 
july 2013 by indramiel
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #35
Crossover, Merlin/Harry Potter, (Harry Potter xover), Gen

Immortal!Merlin is hiding from the world in his little house not far from Avalon. He check often on the wizarding world via his crystal (the one from which he can see the future, I don't remember the name)from afar. It's the only part of this world that has a passing familiarity to the magic of the past but it would be impossible to live there : any descent wizards would be able to sense his power. Merlin still tries to help the magical community whenever he can without getting too involved.
In 1980, Merlin receive a vision of the future of one Harry Potter from his crystal. He witnesses the prophecy and everything that should happen afterward (canon!Harry Potter lives).
Merlin feels a stirring in his magic that inform him that he will need to get involved at some point to help.
Having seen first hand what Harry's childhood would be like, Merlin decides to act as soon as possible, kidnap Harry from the Dursley's doorstep and raise him.

(I wrote Gen. but if you want to make it past-Arthur/Merlin or Harry/Male Other you can)
#KMM35  _prompt  _unfulfilled  (crossover)  Merlin/Other 
july 2013 by kinkme_merlin

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