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DOJ approves $69B CVS-Aetna merger as healthcare industry restructures
> CVS, which racked up about $185 billion in revenue last year, runs the country’s largest retail-pharmacy chain and provides prescription plans to more than 94 million customers. By joining forces with Aetna—the nation’s third-largest health-insurance provider with over 22 million medical members, earning $60 billion in revenue in 2017—CVS will have a tight grasp on the market. The combined enterprise aims to be a first-line health care hub with clinics in its ubiquitous brick-and-mortar stores.
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3 days ago by cote
What Would that Law Firm Merger Look Like? New Tool Allows 'What-If' Modeling | LawSites
Speculation about potential law firm mergers and acquisitions makes for good sport, not to mention serious business. Today, ALM Intelligence released a tool that gives speculators some hard-and-fast data and the ability to model what a potential merger would look like.

Available to subscribers to ALM Intelligence’s Legal Compass platform for data research and analysis, the M&A modeling tool allows users to analyze potential mergers and acquisitions within the legal market and create a profile of what the merged firm would look like.

“Law firms are always playing the ‘what-if’ game, and this tool enables firms and consultants to assess various potential combinations,” Patrick Fuller, vice president, legal, said in an announcement of the tool. “Additionally, it becomes a core competitive intelligence tool for rivals as part of the assessment of pending law firm mergers.”

The tool allows users to:
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26 days ago by JordanFurlong
Policy Failure: The Role of “Economics” in AT&T-Time Warner and American Express -
mergers  economics  LH 
12 weeks ago by jayyy
Opinion | The Charts That Show How Big Business Is Winning - The New York Times
“Since the modern merger era began in the 1980s, corporate profits have surged, while family incomes have stagnated and income inequality has increased.”
Corporations  Mergers  Monopoly  Consolidation  Wages  Employment  Inequality 
june 2018 by Membranophonist
Spring and T-Mobile Agree to Merge, in Bid to Remake Wireless Market - NYTimes
"The parent companies of each carrier — SoftBank of Japan, which controls Sprint, and Deutsche Telekom of Germany, which owns a majority of T-Mobile — managed to solve the longstanding issue of control in recent weeks." --- .... --- "Under the terms of the all-stock deal announced on Sunday, Deutsche Telekom will own roughly 42 percent of the combined business and have nine of 14 seats on the new T-Mobile’s board. SoftBank will own 27 percent and have four seats, one of which would be held by its founder, Masayoshi Son. Public shareholders would own the remainder." --- .... --- "Sprint and T-Mobile argue that combining will help them afford the billions needed to expand their so-called 5G network, a fifth-generation wireless technology that promises to bring ultrafast broadband speeds to mobile service. It is the standard that will be used to connect home appliances, cars and smartphones online via fiber optic lines to the home." --- .... --- "Sprint and T-Mobile are harder pressed than the competition to build the network. Sprint has about $32 billion in debt on its books, while T-Mobile generates a fraction of the cash that Verizon and AT&T do." --- .... --- "The announcement on Sunday takes a step toward fulfilling a long-frustrated dream of Mr. Son of SoftBank. When his company took control of Sprint in 2013, he boasted of defeating Verizon and AT&T in their own backyard. But to do so, he needed a bigger platform than Sprint alone, and he quickly began talks to buy T-Mobile, which, at $55 billion, has more than twice the market value as Sprint." --- .... --- "The stakes are big for both sides, but especially for Mr. Son. Sprint has lost billions of dollars and millions of subscribers, while taking on debt, since SoftBank took it over. By contrast, T-Mobile, buoyed by a hugely popular unlimited data plan and an aggressive marketing campaign, leapt over its beleaguered rival to take third place in the American wireless rankings."
T-mobile  telecoms  mergers  news  tech_companies  softbank  Masayoshi_Son 
april 2018 by skinnymuch
And in our case, that last sentence isn’t always true.
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april 2018 by eejay

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