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Using TortoiseHg with Git | Michael's Blog
There is a mercurial plugin called hggit that allows you to push and pull to/from a Git remote repository from Hg.
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yesterday by mockserious
durin42 / hg-git — Bitbucket
This is the Hg-Git plugin for Mercurial, adding the ability to push and pull to/from a Git server repository from Hg. This means you can collaborate on Git based projects from Hg, or use a Git server as a collaboration point for a team with developers using both Git and Hg.
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yesterday by mockserious
Sourcetree | Free Git GUI for Mac and Windows
A Git GUI that offers a visual representation of your repositories. Sourcetree is a free Git client for Windows and Mac.
git  gui  mercurial  software  development 
24 days ago by concinno
Mercurial - ArchWiki
Mercurial (commonly referred to as hg) is a distributed version control system written in Python and is similar in many ways to Git, Bazaar and Darcs.
mercurial  wikientry  arch  linux  links  gui  ui  software  configuration  howto  tips  development  tool  scm 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
LogilabDebianRepository ( (includes hgview (curses/qt))'s Debian and Ubuntu repositories
Accessing Debian and Ubuntu repositories to install Logilab's free software.
Installing's software on Debian or Ubuntu

Some of's free software projects are included in Debian (e.g. logilab-common and pylint at least). If your want to get software that is not included in Debian or just get latest releases quicker, add one of these repositories to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.
mercurial  gui  textui  x11  software  debian  ubuntu  mint  packages  2019  repository  links  howto  guide  reference  example  tips  linux 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
Bug #1839947 “hgview crashes with error AttributeError: 'phaseca...” : Bugs : hgview package : Ubuntu
A: [...] I think this might be related to a more recent version of mercurial unsupported by hgview 1.9.0
Can you try to reproduce with a more recent version of hgview ? (1.10.7 for example). For debian packages you can try out the repo hosted by logilab (no service garantee).
mercurial  gui  textui  x11  software  debian  ubuntu  mint  packages  downloads  2019  issue  workaround  compatibility  repository  links  linux 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
facebookexperimental/mononoke: A Mercurial source control server, specifically designed to support large monorepos.
Mononoke is a next-generation server for the Mercurial source control system, meant to scale up to accepting thousands of commits every hour across millions of files. It is primarily written in the Rust programming language.
mercurial  rust  server 
4 weeks ago by Mekk
Converting a Mercurial repository to Git on Windows | AppVeyor
This article specifically describes migration of project from BitBucket’s Mercurial repository (original) to GitHub (migrated) using hg-fast-export tool.
mercurial  git  windows 
5 weeks ago by andyhuey
Mercurial RFC of a new extension to directly operate on Git repositories | Hacker News
Mercurial MIGHT gain the ability to operate on a git repository. I really hope so.
mercurial  git  versioncontrol 
6 weeks ago by mcherm
Helix TeamHub
A site by Perforce that will do version control hosting. Includes support for mercurial, and even has a free tier for personal projects.
versioncontrol  useful  mercurial 
7 weeks ago by mcherm

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