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How a French 16-year-old is teaching the world to build VR headsets for $100
Maxime Coutté a 16-year old has developed an open sourced, 3-D printable VR headset from a small French village.
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22 days ago by jeromekatz
Benefits of Corporate Mentoring Programs
Corporate mentoring programs are incredibly beneficial for forging business relationships between professionals who have different levels of career experience. Learn about the benefits of corporate mentoring programs.
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26 days ago by Adventure_Web
How to Be a Generous Professor in Precarious Times - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Going further, generosity grows in the plentitude of microscopic activities we do in everyday academic life:

Agreeing to read a paper.
Having tea with a student in distress.
Steering a committee discussion in a different, more positive way.
Buying a coffee or lunch for a graduate student or an adjunct faculty member attending a conference.
Finding ways to include and pay adjuncts for service work.
What we cherish about academe is that individuals can be radical unto themselves — that academe still offers some agency through which we can highlight an injustice, bring it to attention, and formulate strategies for its alleviation. These acts of generosity offer their own expression of academic freedom....

How can each of us be generous in precarious times?

Remember that no one person is an entire movement, but one person can begin a movement.
Refuse to perpetuate the "normal" abuses of the past. There is no excuse for cruelty in public or in private. Don’t punch down.
Never. Abandon. Anyone. Keep writing the letters of recommendation. Keep trying to bring more full-time, tenure-track faculty members into the fold. If we are safely in the lifeboat, we have a moral obligation to pull everyone out of the water.
Look for ways that adjunct instructors can be involved in the life of departments and institutions, and consistently demand that they be paid for their time and work.
Work with contingent faculty members to see what new solidarities can be created to keep our profession alive.
See the radicalism of generosity as a way of keeping our allies — and ourselves — alive in precarious times.
Build generosity into practice. Bring others into it — like that recalcitrant colleague down the hall. Approach your whole department, or your dean. Design assignments and meetings that encourage students and colleagues to be generous toward each other.
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29 days ago by shannon_mattern
This is what we mean when we say 🤪 Through you can make a young child feel…
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5 weeks ago by ben_c
Gordon Brander: pattern
"This is my bag of tricks — loose notes, design patterns, rules-of-thumb, methods of enquiry, tools, cheatsheets, gimmicks, leverage points, descriptions of systems, key questions, risks, and unknowns."
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7 weeks ago by garrettc
ASU Mentor Network
Arizona State University's online network driving powerful professional connections within the Sun Devil community.
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9 weeks ago by oheredia

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