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Marc Köhlbrugge on mentoring (Twitter)
How to find a mentor:

🚫 Don’t ask them to mentor
💬 Just ask (specific) questions
📊 Apply their insights
🔥 Follow up w/ results
♻️ Repeat
2 days ago by BillHiggins
The Senior Engineer’s Guide to Helping Others Make Decisions – Geeky
In the third conversation, the senior engineer asks the junior engineer what the problem is they’re trying to solve – this approach is the Socratic method.
Other good questions to ask are:

What are the top three solutions you investigated before you settled on this one?
Why did you reject the others?
Do any of them have merits which we should investigate later?
What could go wrong with your solution?
How maintainable is it if you’re not available?
What data do you have to back up your assumptions?
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4 days ago by rauschen
How the ‘Shalane Flanagan Effect’ Works - The New York Times
NYC marathon winner and her running club in Portland that supports women
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5 days ago by emmacarlson
The Senior Engineer’s Guide to Helping Others Make Decisions
One of the areas I often see senior engineers struggle with, is raising junior engineers to the next level. Often this is because we don’t give them the space to explore, learn and understand…
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5 days ago by my-flow

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