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The Neuroscience of Depression in the Brain: An Animated Short Film - The Atlantic
Depression is a multifaceted and insidious disorder, nearly as complex as the brain itself. As research continues to suggest, the onset of depression can be attributed to an interplay of the many elements that make us human—namely, our genetics, the structure and chemistry of our brains, and our lived experience. Second only, perhaps, to the confounding mechanics of anesthesia, depression is the ultimate mind-body problem; understanding how it works could unlock the mysteries of human consciousness.
17 hours ago by corrales
Simon Spurrier - Depression & Me.
TL;DR version: I have lately been a less-than-lovely human. Here is why. It’s not quite over, but close enough. Enough to stick a premature stake in 2016 and obituarize the vicious bastard as a pureblood horribilis.
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18 hours ago by neverminding
Designing Experiences To Improve Mental Health — Smashing Magazine
Designing apps for mental health is one area where UX designers can have a huge impact. In this article, we’ll look at the issues with current apps, and guidelines to ensure UX practitioners are using clinically proven methods for improving mental health treatment.
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2 days ago by jwithy
Who Do I Call? : Birmingham City University
We understand that in some circumstances it is easy to forget what to say or do, and this can make people feel nervous.  To help, we've put together some flowcharts to explain what we think you should do in some difficult situations:
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4 days ago by paulbradshaw

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