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Issues in Clinical Work with Refugee and Immigrant Populations
Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology highlights clinical work with #refugees
university  wisconsin  program  refugee  mental  health  19eyz  bullsi  facebook 
4 days ago by csrollyson
your head caught in a waking dream by addandsubtract
in which Charles is sent to a mental institution as a child and by the time Raven breaks him out, he's irreparably damaged. because this is me, there's also a road trip involved.
Erik/Charles  hurt/comfort  x-men  mental  health  AU 
10 days ago by allhoneyboo
Är du för stressad? Ta dig själv på allvar. Med hjälp av KED-skalan (Karolinska Exhaustion Disorder Scale*) kan du själv testa om du är i riskzonen för att drabbas av utmattningssyndrom. Du får också ta del av vårt informationsmaterial om stress. Testet omfattar 9 frågor och tar ca 5 minuter. Lycka till! *Självskattningstestet utgår från …
stress  test  online  oyama  mental  health 
11 days ago by roggedoggelito
Refugees In Berlin Are Trained To Counsel New Arrivals From Syria And Other Conflict Zones : Goats and Soda : NPR
Ahmad Chanabi is a #Syrian #refugee in #Berlin who mentors & supports newly arrived refugees with their emotions & ability to cope #mental #health
19eyz  berlin  refugee  bullsi  mental  health  service  story  peer  counselor  nonprofit  syria 
12 days ago by csrollyson
Instagram Mental Health
Study: Instagram worst for mental health
Instagram  Mental  Health  News 
13 days ago by kskillicorn

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