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WATCH: Jordan Peterson Just Nuked Feminism in Under 30 Minutes
Jordan Peterson. So fantastic is this segment he had on Channel 4 News in the Old Country, I might tattoo his face on my lower back. The pay gap, feminist “equality” and differences between men and women. Jordan Peterson hit them all. Without raising his voice.
So you probably noticed, as I did, this feminist host feministsplains and projects all her talking points onto Peterson multiple times. Plus, she womanterupts him more frequently than the many curls in her hair failed to bounce. Ah, the miracles of product. Don’t make her interruptions a drinking game. Your liver might identify as a keg, but reality says otherwise.

Peterson’s points are solid. If women want to do well in business, they have to be fierce. If women are going to compete with men for jobs, better play hard. If your goal, as a lady, is to go get your success, then girl, go find your backbone and fight hard. Don’t be meek, don’t be passive. Be assertive, know your worth, prove your worth, then go get it. Whining, moaning, bitching about unfairness do not count toward proving your worth. No one cares if you’re a beached manatee.

The patriarchy is just a scapegoat for weak women. An excuse they use to explain their personal failings.

If you’re going to fight Peterson, bring your A-game.
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3 hours ago by juandante
Tristan Walker on the Roman Empire and Selling a Start-Up to Procter & Gamble - The New York Times
I was 24 when I came to Stanford. The other 24-year-olds here were not only making millions of dollars but fundamentally changing the world. Why did I not have any idea this place existed? There was this world, this innovation economy, that by design I was unable to participate in because I didn’t know about it.
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2 days ago by allaboutgeorge

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