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Nadir Nahdi en Instagram: “I travel all over and notice men around the world in crisis. Lost between duty and modernity, desire and responsibility, disempowerment and…”
"I travel all over and notice men around the world in crisis. Lost between duty and modernity, desire and responsibility, disempowerment and ego, lust and chivalry, emotion and power. All building up to one messy implosion. Took this photo and thought it expresses something I can’t."
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15 hours ago by robertogreco
The History of Bespoke Tailoring: Now and Then — Gentleman's Gazette
The majority of today’s men wear ready-to-wear or made-to-measure clothes produced in factories. Only a very small minority of gentleman dress in bespoke clothes made by tailors, but 200 years ago every garment was made by hand. This article explains how clothes handmade by tailors have evolved from being an everyday product available in various price and quality categories to something exclusive and expensive.
clothing  fashion  history  men 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Uber Gender Pay Gap
Female Uber drivers make 7% less per hour than their male counterparts—even though the algorithms that determine pay for the ride-hailing service are gender blind, according to a multi-year study.
paygap  gender  men  women  uber 
7 days ago by deveiant
Don’t mind the gap
An article describing how the gender pay gap statistics are unsuitable for measuring equity between men and women, and can be used to game the statistics to the detriment of the least-privileged among us.
wagegap  gender  pay  women  men  statistics  study  oxford 
7 days ago by deveiant
Gender Pay Gap Ratios, Stats and Infographics | PayScale
An honest comparison of how men and women are compensated.
wagegap  gender  women  men  equity 
7 days ago by deveiant

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