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Talking With Women - Always DARE Never DEER : TheRedPill
Interesting... especially:

"•How "Amusedly Agree And Absurdly Amplify" Rewards

AAAAA leads to a solid foundation of cocky, confident frame. This signals to women that you are comfortable in who you are, that you don't give a fuck, and that you can handle social stress, all of which are subtle bumps to your SMV.

What you are saying under the surface of your witty banter is, "Don't ask me stupid probing questions. I will not dignify them with a real response."

This is the key to passing a shit test.

AAAAA responses allow you to maintain the cocky/funny frame, and gives her the freedom to fall into your frame that you are the indestructible mountain of masculine energy, safely knowing her emotional winds can't sway you any which way, nor bring you down."
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22 days ago by daguti
Men take shortcuts, while women follow well-known routes, finds a new study that suggests that men and women tend to adopt different navigation strategies and men navigate more efficiently than women. : science
I would even go further and say that "male brains" (which are generally, but not always in male bodies) tend to take shortcuts, while "female brains" (which are generally, but not always in female bodies) tend to take well-known routes.
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may 2018 by daguti
How to tie a tie - Trinity Knot (Made Simple) - YouTube
Sound on this video goes away at around 1:15. He redid the video here ( with proper sound, but the tie in the first video is cooler.
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january 2018 by daguti
The myth of the male bumbler
The thing I've always noticed: When someone gets caught and put on trial, they can never seem to remember. They didn't see it the way the victim saw it. Their heads were so in the clouds, they had no idea such and such was going on. ... All the while, they're at the top of their game, running multi-billion dollar global corporations (Bill Gates, not mentioned in this story, during Microsoft's monopoly trial) or putting out a full-length movie per year (Woody Allen) or the nation's top cop (Atty General Jeff Sessions)

As the last line of the article says: "You can be a bumbler, or you can keep your job. You can't have both."
lies-lying  crime  men-boys  crime-rape  crime-abuse-physical-emotional-or-sexual 
november 2017 by daguti
5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women |
This kind of ties in with the "alt-right" Cracked post that I bookmarked yesterday.
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september 2016 by daguti
We need more mentors like this in the world : videos
I love this man. We need more people like this in the world.

Video on YouTube "Working Through Emotional Barriers" by Cave313 - their website is --->
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august 2016 by daguti
To Stop Kids From Radicalizing, Moms In Denmark Call Other Moms : Parallels : NPR
Reminds me of the story I bookmarked a long time ago about preventing boys from joining gangs.
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may 2016 by daguti
Want to Teach Your Son Not to Rape? Protect HIM from Rape! | Laurie A. Couture
"Most intelligent people have now caught up to the brain science that shows that violence is learned when children are its victims; that childhood trauma, abuse and violence permanently alters neurological and psychological development and can cause the very tragedy we saw in Ohio." ----- I was kind of skeptical at first, but the more I read, the more I see this is completely on point. So important that I backed this up to \media\pictures\webpage backups AND Google Docs "Archived/Backed Up Web Pages"
crime-rape  crime-abuse-physical-emotional-or-sexual  crime-child-abuse  crime-violence  childrearing  men-boys 
march 2016 by daguti
Gentlemans know-how - Album on Imgur
Tips for shining shoes as well as caring for leather shoes. Mink oil is for waterproofing, not for moisturizing.
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february 2016 by daguti

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