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Another “missing” component could revolutionize electronics - MIT Technology Review
New work on the trancitor, an oddball circuit analog to the memristor that's sorta like a transistor and a capacitor
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may 2018 by asteroza
The Machine prototype finally unveiled by HPE | Ars Technica UK
HPE and memristors begins to remind me of Baldrick having a go at alchemy and creating "purest Green".
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november 2016 by yorksranter
Access : The missing memristor found : Nature
wow, this is perhaps the most important finding in semiconductor history
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october 2016 by tonyyet
Never-never chip tech Memristor shuffles closer to death row • The Register
Chris Mellor:
<p>The Memristor always was a rich company's technology toy, but Meg Whitman wants HPE to be lean and mean, not fat and wasteful, with HPE Labs producing blue sky tech that rarely becomes a product success.

Memristor was first reported by HPE Labs eight years ago, as a form of persistent memory. At the time HP Labs Fellow R. Stanley Williams compared it to flash: "It holds its memory longer. It's simpler. It's easier to make - which means it's cheaper - and it can be switched a lot faster, with less energy."

Unfortunately it isn’t simpler to make and still isn’t here. NVMe SSDs have boosted flash’s data access speed, reducing the memory-storage gap, and Intel/Micron’s 3D XPoint SSDs will arrive later this year as the first viable productised technology to fill that gap.</p>
june 2016 by charlesarthur
how to maybe do back propagation using memristor arrays
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february 2016 by mikedewar

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