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Memory Cards and Everything You Need to Know About Them
No matter what digital camera you shoot with nowadays, you must have some kind of storage where your media is going to be saved to. While some devices like phones and tablets often come with some built-in memory, you will often find yourself looking for ways to expand that storage by using memory cards or other external storage accessories. And if you shoot with a dedicated digital camera, you will find that it does not offer any kind of storage and you will need to buy at least one ...
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10 days ago by amason
Rescue photos off memory cards with PhotoRec
Tip for using the open-source command-line tool PhotoRec to recover files from damaged memory cards.
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june 2010 by angusm
Buy the right SD card for your camera | Digital Photo | Digital Photo | Macworld
That new camera won't be much use without a capacious memory card to store photos to videos on. But all SD cards aren't the same. Make sure you're getting the right card for the way you shoot.
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december 2009 by bchalstrom
Kingston MobileLite 9-in-1 Reader
Lets you conveniently exchange data, photos, games and music stored on memory expansion cards between mobile phones, computers, laptops, cameras, PDAs and other devices.
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march 2009 by kiranmaxweber
Giz Explains: An Illustrated Guide to Every Stupid Memory Card You Need
Giz Explains: An Illustrated Guide to Every Stupid Memory Card You Need
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december 2008 by sdinan
Meer netbook voor nauwelijks meer geld - Personal Computer Magazine
Meer netbook voor nauwelijks meer geld
Wie een instapmodel netbook aanschaft, koopt meestal een apparaat met een kleine opslagcapaciteit (4 tot 8GB). Gelukkig valt dat nu makkelijk (en goedkoop) riant uit te breiden.
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october 2008 by sharkroom101
Cartão MicroSD com 16GB de Capacidade!
A SanDisk anunciou hoje o lançamento de um cartão microSDHC com 16GB de capacidade! Hmm, agora sim está começando a ficar interessante, imagine só colocar um cartão destes no seu smartphone?

Só que não adianta se animar muito, a não ser que você tenha algum dos celulares compatíveis, como por exemplo os smartphones Nokia N95, N96 e N78, além do HTC Tytn II e HTC Touch, entre outros.

Saiba mais clicando aqui.

Via Tech Digest.

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september 2008 by creaktive

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