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"PPSTOP tracks the amount of memory from the process' proportional share of this mapping (Pss) and the proportional swap share of the mapping (SwapPss).

Others tools like ps doesn't give an acurate detail of which processes are consuming the memory of our system . Depending on how you look at it, ps is not reporting the real memory usage of processes. What it is really doing is showing how much real memory each process would take up if it were the only process running."
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A Tale of Four Caches · Yoav Weiss (2017-Jan)
* Memory cache - for the current page; short term
* Service Worker cache - persistent after tab closure or browser restart
* HTTP cache - persists on disk, allows resource usage between sessions and across sites
* Push "cache" (“unclaimed push streams container”) - where HTTP/2 push resources are stored. Not stored persistently unless their stream gets adopted by a request.

"There are many underspecified areas here where observable behavior may differ between browser implementations. We need to fix that."
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JSONデータ圧縮方式をSnappyからzstdに切り替えた事例紹介 - Technology of DeNA
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Ellen Jewett Sculpture
Natural history inspired art
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Explore - The Lab - Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Gateway to Science
Types of Memory

Memory is a complex and marvellous system of the brain that underpins how you learn, what you know about yourself and the world around you, even how you move.

Understanding memory is fundamental to deep questions such as: Who are we? What do we know, and how do we learn?

There are basically two types of memory, short term or working memory and long term memory. Working memory engages in information in the short term, helping us to process information as it comes. Long term memory is the storehouse of your memories of yourself and the world, and also includes procedural or skill memory, where remembered movements and actions are stored.

Working memory
Working memory is an active system that's engaged while you are thinking and processing the information from the world around you. Without it, you couldn't keep in mind a number that you were about to dial, or the name of the person you'd just met.

Also called short-term memory, working memory doesn't last. As soon as you stop thinking about a phone number, or a shopping list, or become distracted, the information you were trying to keep in mind is lost.

Without the alibility to store memories you would be unable to recognise information you had encountered before – such as how to spell
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Public domain cross platform lock free thread caching 16-byte aligned memory allocator implemented in C
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Corsair unveils Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory kits
Corsair today announced that it is now shipping the Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory kits that it had teased a few weeks back. The Vengeance RGB brings vibrant RGB lighting to the DIMM slot, all controlled by Corsair Link. Thanks to the Vengeance RGB’s wire-free integration, no additional wires are required for software lighting control. It...

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