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Strange Horizons - Freshly Remember'd: Kirk Drift By Erin Horáková
An interesting essay on the ways that popular culture misremembers Star Trek to make Kirk a reckless womanizer.
television  title(StarTrek)  memory  culture  gender  reader  reception  popular  feminism  criticism 
13 hours ago by tsuomela
Secrets of a Mind-Gamer -
How I trained my brain and became a world-class memory athlete.
learning  memory 
18 hours ago by hadret
Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge |
Good list of techniques for getting the most out of flashcard-based learning.
learning  memory  tips 
2 days ago by dogrover
Dementia Linked To Beverage Drunk By 50% Of People Every Day - PsyBlog
"Both sugary and artificially sweetened ‘diet’ drinks are linked to dementia by two new studies.
"People who drink sugary beverages tend to have poorer memories, smaller brains and a smaller hippocampus (an area vital for learning and memory).

"Diet sodas, though, don’t seem much safer.
"A follow-up study found that people who drink diet sodas are three times more likely to develop dementia and stroke, compared to those who drink none."
dementia  diet  memory 
3 days ago by katherinestevens
Immutable vs Mutable Programming Performance in Golang | My Memory Sucks
The work I'm currently doing with my migration of Oystr from Node.JS to Golang requires me to re-visit a feature that required me to take a graph data set and perform a number of transformations to achieve the desired result. When I built this the first time in Node.JS, I thought I'd attempt the transforms by…
golang  memory  performance 
3 days ago by geetarista
Inside memory management - Google Groups
For the Kona(K) language, presumably applies to other APLs
k_language  apl  memory  programming  comment 
3 days ago by mechazoidal
Op-Ed in NOLA about removal of CSA monument
Argues that the monuments themselves are rewrites of history.
246  civilwar  memory 
4 days ago by wcaleb

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