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Augmenting Long-term Memory | MetaFilter
I have used Anki for memorizing facts for bar trivia. I had a deck with all the U.S. presidents, their terms of service, their parties, their home states, and a few other facts like information about assassinations and unusual elections. I also had a deck of U.S. states, their capitals, the year the entered the union, and stuff like “Which state is the granite state?” Etc. At one point I had a deck with all winners of the Best Picture Oscar going back to 1950. I really could recall all these things too. It is surprising and almost uncanny how Anki lets you cram random facts in your brain.
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4 days ago by craniac
RE: Mnemosyne issues - Google Groups
clear out phone directory, reinstall, copy to phone, sync.
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5 weeks ago by coltongrainger
[1805.06822] DNN or $k$-NN: That is the Generalize vs. Memorize Question
This paper studies the relationship between the classification performed by deep neural networks and the k-NN decision at the embedding space of these networks. This simple important connection shown here provides a better understanding of the relationship between the ability of neural networks to generalize and their tendency to memorize the training data, which are traditionally considered to be contradicting to each other and here shown to be compatible and complementary. Our results support the conjecture that deep neural networks approach Bayes optimal error rates.
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may 2018 by arsyed

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