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The Ambivalent Internet: An Interview with Whitney Phillips and Ryan M. Milner (Part Three) — Henry Jenkins
it wasn’t internet memes—like Ken Bone’s sweater, Marco Rubio’s baby chair, or Ted Cruz’ alleged serial murders—that most conspicuously characterized the election. It was age-old memes—regressive stereotypes, blinding misogyny, blanket anti-elitism, and good old fashioned fear of the other—that made 2016 the meme election.
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13 days ago by rachaelsullivan
If it takes a cold plums meme to learn about poetry, so be it
"For some reason, William Carlos Williams' poem about stealing plums from an icebox is getting the remix treatment."

[See also: "This is just to say we have explained the plum jokes in your Twitter feed: How William Carlos Williams’s famous poem about plums in the icebox became a meme." ]
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18 days ago by robertogreco

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