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i painted
Representation of the "I painted the guy who painted the girl who... painted an egret" Reddit meme.
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3 days ago by pozorvlak
Cool Fancy Text Generator - Stylish letters, symbols & cool fonts online 😍
This site has a bunch of fancy fonts. Instead of making an image, you can just post stuff with crazy fonts.
facebook  memes 
7 days ago by darkwater
Imgflip - Create and Share Awesome Images
This site lets you generate memes. They have a collection of photos and then they let you modify them with your own text.
memes  facebook 
7 days ago by darkwater
Beacon Press: Memes to Movements
Memes are the street art of the social web. Using social media–driven movements as her guide, technologist and digital media scholar An Xiao Mina unpacks the mechanics of memes and how they operate to reinforce, amplify, and shape today’s politics. She finds that the “silly” stuff of meme culture—the photo remixes, the selfies, the YouTube songs, and the pun-tastic hashtags—are fundamentally intertwined with how we find and affirm one another, direct attention to human rights and social justice issues, build narratives, and make culture. Mina finds parallels, for example, between a photo of Black Lives Matter protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, raising their hands in a gesture of resistance and one from eight thousand miles away, in Hong Kong, of Umbrella Movement activists raising yellow umbrellas as they fight for voting rights. She shows how a viral video of then presidential nominee Donald Trump laid the groundwork for pink pussyhats, a meme come to life as the widely recognized symbol for the international Women’s March.
memes  book  Research 
13 days ago by paulbradshaw

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