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Can Society Scale? - The New York Times
“The communists complain that the group is too neoliberal, and the market urbanists complain that the group is too communist,” Ms. Eldred said. “A lot of people will rag on the mods for being centrists. And most of us are socialists.”
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4 days ago by mrshl
Squinting Woman | Know Your Meme
Squinting Woman refers to an image of a black woman with her hands on her knees, appearing to be squinting at an object in the distance. The image is primarily popular on Twitter, where it is paired with various captions.
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8 days ago by yolandaenoch
Are "hilarious black neighbor" videos a modern minstrel show? | The Daily Dot
“Ramsey joins Antoine Dodson, Sweet Brown, and Michelle Clarke as yet another poor black person who has entertained the online masses because of his or her colorful on-camera interview. These individuals became famous because of the way they talked, because of their catchphrases. Dodson had ‘Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife!’ and ‘they rapin’ errrbody.’ For Brown, it was ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ Ramsey, the newest member to this unfortunate canon, earns his spot with ‘I’m eating my McDonald’s” and “We eat ribs and whatnot.’

“These sound bites were cherry-picked by the Internet users for their own amusement. What’s disconcerting is that the Internet zeroes in on phrases that employ elements of African American Vernacular English (Dodson’s pronunciation of the word ‘everybody’) or hint at a low levels of education (Brown’s usage of a double negative) to serve as the punchline. These are the jokes the Internet has decided we need to be laughing at—and they’re all about being black, poor and living in the ghetto.”
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10 days ago by handcoding
Seriously having to resist saying “and that’s the tea!” on every single mug promotional post.
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27 days ago by amyfortuna

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