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Charles/Erik, runaways
Erik and Charles as teenage runaways; they find each other through their powers and end up broke and on the streets together. Erik steals jewelry, Charles cons people... Erik turns to prostitution? But they've given everything else up for ~love~, love is all they need. Love and increasing desperation.
meme:none  kink:prostitution  kink:underage  trope:au  !prompt  from notes
february 2012 by helens78
Charles/Erik, Erik/Shaw, vampires, noncon
Erik is a vampire, and Charles is his pet. They've been deliriously happy for years.

Until Shaw kidnaps Erik and turns Erik into his thrall. Erik eventually kills him, but goes feral in the process. When Charles catches up to him, the only way to rehabilitate him is to make Erik Charles's thrall.

Basically, all the idtastic vampire noncon ever. /o
!prompt  meme:none  fandom:xmfc  pair:charles/erik  pair:erik/shaw  kink:vampires  kink:kidnapping  kink:noncon  kink:training  from notes
february 2012 by helens78
Charles/Erik, mind control, amnesia
closeted!Charles goes out and gets laid and mindwipes his identity from his partners, so no one can ever track him down, frex. Which means he recognizes Erik right away, but Erik has no idea they’ve ever met, let alone that Charles once tied him up and fisted him until he begged.
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  kink:mind.control  kink:amnesia  kink:fisting  !prompt  fandom:xmfc 
june 2011 by helens78
Charles/Erik, Erik/others, anonymous sex
Years after he escapes from the camps, but years before he officially meets Charles and company, Erik spends some time exploring his own sexuality. He’s not entirely sure whether he’s gay or not, but figures he might as well find out the direct way, so he picks up guys in bars and brings them home and has them fuck him. Mostly, this doesn’t work out, but it gives him stroke material, so he keeps doing it.

When he runs into a grad student babbling about how mutation is the next step of human evolution blah blah blah genetic-cakes, he seriously contemplates punching him right in the face, and suddenly the guy’s looking a little pale and saying “Okay, have a nice night” and trying to walk off, except that, well, Erik’s kind of intrigued and the guy is cute as fuck. So Erik talks the guy into coming back to his room with him, and the guy is so good in bed it’s kind of unreal; it’s like the guy’s reading his mind or something.
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  kink:anonymous  !prompt  fandom:xmfc 
june 2011 by helens78
Charles/Erik, Establishment AU
Charles and Erik meet at the London Establishment branch, where even mutants are welcome (if mostly closeted).
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  trope:au  !prompt  fandom:xmfc 
june 2011 by helens78
Charles/Erik, AU, service
When Erik’s plans to take over the world finally succeed, the mutants on the wrong side of the line are taken in by the Brotherhood of Now-Ruling-The-World Mutants. Erik takes Charles for his own.
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  kink:service  trope:au  !prompt  fandom:xmfc 
june 2011 by helens78
Charles/Erik, soulbonding
The desperate circumstances of Charles and Erik’s first meeting cause Charles to dig a little deeper into Erik’s mind than he initially believed he was doing, and he’s tripped something he can’t take back. HI, SOULBOND STORY! I haven’t written one of you since TPM, and I say BRING IT ON. :D
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  kink:soulbonding  !complete  fandom:xmfc  !fic 
june 2011 by helens78
Charles/Erik, jealousy & doppelganger
Charles has been having sex with a projection of Erik for quite some time now. Erik finds out, and after sorting through some jealousy over the matter, takes his doppelganger’s place.
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  kink:double  kink:jealousy  !prompt  fandom:xmfc 
june 2011 by helens78
Charles/Erik, angst & stand-in
Charles uses his telepathy on himself in order to create a mental projection of Erik. This Erik didn’t leave him and will do whatever he wants.
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  kink:angst  kink:double  !prompt  fandom:xmfc 
june 2011 by helens78
Charles/Erik, bodyswap
Charles and Erik are forcibly bodyswapped by another mutant (possibly while on the EBT). The switch affects their minds, but their bodies still have the same kinks and attractions of the previous owner —which makes Charles a rough-and-ready top with magnetic powers and Erik an eager-to-please sub with telepathy. Being in each other’s bodies gives them some serious insight into what the other likes, but will they want to change back?
meme:none  pair:charles/erik  kink:bodyswap  !prompt  fandom:xmfc 
june 2011 by helens78

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