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Meltdown, Spectre and Linux on AWS: Security vs Performance? · Cevo
The recent announcement of the Meltdown and Spectre attacks against bugs in Intel (and other) CPUs has attracted rapid response from many vendors; Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) response shows that they’ve already patched and protected their infrastructure but you still have work to do. AWS’ Shared Responsibility Model means that you are responsible for patching the operating system running on your EC2 instances, and this is where things get … complicated.

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3 hours ago by pwesolek
How Meltdown and Spectre Were Independently Discovered By Four Research Teams At Once | WIRED
The uncanny coincidences among the Meltdown and Spectre discoveries raise questions about "bug collisions"—and the safety of the NSA's hidden vulnerability collection.
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6 hours ago by orlin
From the Inside Out: An Autistic Shutdown – Everyday Aspie
As my mind works, nothing is disqualified from being factored into an outcome. Even my toothpaste brand, how much paste I squeeze out, and the flow of the water from the faucet, are scoped out and theorized, and then neatly tucked into a web of accumulated data. My thoughts gathered, molded, and placed into a previously opened drawer, a unit only to be reopened and reassembled during a later point of time. I am essentially a vast storage house with feelings.
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13 hours ago by martine

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