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[1907.02260] On Explaining Machine Learning Models by Evolving Crucial and Compact Features
Feature construction can substantially improve the accuracy of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. Genetic Programming (GP) has been proven to be effective at this task by evolving non-linear combinations of input features. GP additionally has the potential to improve ML explainability since explicit expressions are evolved. Yet, in most GP works the complexity of evolved features is not explicitly bound or minimized though this is arguably key for explainability. In this article, we assess to what extent GP still performs favorably at feature construction when constructing features that are (1) Of small-enough number, to enable visualization of the behavior of the ML model; (2) Of small-enough size, to enable interpretability of the features themselves; (3) Of sufficient informative power, to retain or even improve the performance of the ML algorithm. We consider a simple feature construction scheme using three different GP algorithms, as well as random search, to evolve features for five ML algorithms, including support vector machines and random forest. Our results on 21 datasets pertaining to classification and regression problems show that constructing only two compact features can be sufficient to rival the use of the entire original feature set. We further find that a modern GP algorithm, GP-GOMEA, performs best overall. These results, combined with examples that we provide of readable constructed features and of 2D visualizations of ML behavior, lead us to positively conclude that GP-based feature construction still works well when explicitly searching for compact features, making it extremely helpful to explain ML models.
reinvented-wheels  neural-networks  machine-learning  bad-bibliography  genetic-programming  as-if-nothing-had-happened-for-20-years  meh 
8 weeks ago by Vaguery
Stollen Bars
I am bookmarking as they come out of the oven, so what I can say is more nuts, less marzipan, added candied ginger. Made the topping with scant 2 tbs butter.
Stodgy texture, despite being fully baked.
sweet  baking  tried  meh 
8 weeks ago by aintbroke
The Crisis has passed and Barry's still alive but his life has been irreparably affected. And after leaving Caitlin and his apartment for a possible last time Barry goes for a run and remembers how his marriage to Iris came to an end and how he ended up living with Caitlin Snow.
ANGST! YES!!! Also, meh, for ship. Barry runs through his timeline; fic told in memory spurts as he's running through time portals.
TheFlash  BarryAllen  CaitlinSnow  IrisWest  CiscoRamon  meh  oneshot  AO3  author:buffylovezsupercat 
12 weeks ago by Red_Paladin6
The Basics - Fallacies of Distributed Systems | Learn Cloud-Native Blog
The CAP theorem, also named Brewer's theorem after computer scientist Eric Brewer, states that it is impossible for a distributed system to simultaneously provide more than two out of the following three guarantees - consistency, high availability, and partition tolerance.
cloud  fallacies  meh 
12 weeks ago by adragomir
A sleepy confession
When Barry take Caitlin with him to tackle a fire, Caitlin get's a little overwhelmed and it's up to Barry to take care of her for a change. But when a certain doctor is extremely tired, she tends to just blurt things out that aren't meant to be blurted out.
Meh, for ship
TheFlash  BarryAllen  CaitlinSnow  Snowbarry  meh  oneshot  author:xKC 
november 2019 by Red_Paladin6
Sound of Happiness
Barry and Caitlin have a surprise for 3-year-old Nora and they can’t wait to see her reaction.
TheFlash  BarryAllen  CaitlinSnow  NoraSnowAllen  Snowbarry  meh  pregnancyfic  oneshot  drabble  AO3  author:Sxymami0909 
november 2019 by Red_Paladin6
West Family Dinner
Barry Allen is nervous to attend the first West family dinner since he and Iris got divorced, and he's also nervous to hide his secret from the mind-reader Cecile.
TheFlash  BarryAllen  CaitlinSnow  CiscoRamon  JoeWest  IrisWest  Snowbarry  meh  oneshot  author:MoreOfALoner 
november 2019 by Red_Paladin6
Nora's Betrayal and Barry's Realisation
Barry and Iris argue over sending Nora back. What would happen if Barry had confided in a certain ice queen afterwards?
Slightly OOC. Disagree with Iris bashing/angry Barry/two-day new relationship, but Snowbarry. For ship.
TheFlash  BarryAllen  CaitlinSnow  IrisWest  CiscoRamon  RalphDibny  Snowbarry  meh  author:ScouttLeader 
november 2019 by Red_Paladin6
The war has dragged on into a stale détente until Draco Malfoy Snatches Hermione Granger from a Muggle park. His plans could upset the balance of the war, tipping things toward the light. What Hermione doesn't expect is that he'll upset her treacherous heart as well.
Draco needs to get out and enlists Hermione for help. Not one of my Colunbrina faves, but she wrote it, so ;p
HarryPotter  Draco  Hermione  Dramione  oneshot  meh  author:Colubrina 
october 2019 by Red_Paladin6
[1902.11214] A Multilayer Structure Facilitates the Production of Antifragile Systems in Boolean Network Models
Antifragility is a property to not only resist stress and but also to benefit from it. Even though antifragile dynamics are found in various real-world complex systems where multiple subsystems interact with each other, the attribute has not been quantitatively explored yet in those complex systems which can be regarded as multilayer networks. Here we study how the multilayer structure affects the antifragility of the whole system. By comparing single-layer and multilayer Boolean networks based on our recently proposed antifragility measure, we found that the multilayer structure facilitated the production of antifragile systems. Our measure and findings can be utilized for many applications from understanding properties of biological systems with multilayer structures to designing more antifragile engineered systems.
Talebism  Kauffmania  boolean-networks  automata  engineering-design  emergent-design  to-write-about  to-clean-up  performance-measure  meh  an-abstraction-doing-a-bit-too-much-work 
august 2019 by Vaguery
Shen Comix (@shencomix) • Instagram photos and videos
1.4m Followers, 59 Following, 308 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Shen Comix (@shencomix)
webcomics  meh 
may 2019 by po
The world pulls the Andon cord on the 737 Max
The 737 Max was born in the Admirals Club Lounge at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. On July 20, 2011, American Airlines was announcing it was buying…
airline  airplane  boeing  business  safety  regulation  faa  Boeing737  meh  from instapaper
march 2019 by jtyost2

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