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To solve problems caused by sitting, learn to squat — Quartzy
"Avni Trivedi, a doula and osteopath based in London (disclosure: I have visited her in the past for my own sitting-induced aches) says the same is true of squatting as a birthing position, which is still prominent in many developing parts of the world and is increasingly advocated by holistic birthing movements in the West.

“In a squatting birthing position, the muscles relax and you’re allowing the sacrum to have free movement so the baby can push down, with gravity playing a role too,” Trivedi says. “But the perception that this position was primitive is why women went from this active position to being on the bed, where they are less embodied and have less agency in the birthing process.”"
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"1) Foot mobility work

Spending years in narrow, supportive shoes creates a stiff and weak foot. This exercise helps restore mobility in the joints of the feet and wake up the muscles that often become tight and unable to function properly.

Dosage: 1 minute going from heel to toe, 1 minute from side to side with the heel on the ground as a pivot point. Apply enough pressure that it creates mild discomfort (like a deep massage). 2 minutes per foot done several times daily will give powerful results when done consistently.

2) Hip mobility work

Spending many hours a day sitting in a chair tightens up the muscles at the front of your hip and steals away your ability to use your glutes (also causing low back pain and inability to generate torque at the hip joint which creates flat feet)

To offset the sitting position this exercise should be done for 1 minute per hip for each hour you sit during the day. 8 hours of sitting (car, meetings, at work) means 8 minutes of this mobilization per hip just to offset those 8 hours.


3) Upper glute reset

The upper glute is an important muscle for generating torque and stability at the hip joint and in a lot of people its locked up and can't do its job. Your hip creates the arch downstream at the foot and without this muscles online its hard to restore your arch.

Spend 2 minutes per side working on this daily until its hard to find tender spots. Once you get to that point you can start working on activating and strengthening the muscle in patterns that help restore a strong, stable arch at the foot.


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