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Withings Steel HR Sport Review: Horology Meets Health
Horology has long been one of my obsessions. With a particular soft spot for clean, modernist bauhaus design – best embodied in brands like Nomos and Junghans, I was immediately attracted to the Withings Steel line of tech-powered analogue wearables when I encountered them years ago. Despite the recently-unveiled Move line of wearables with customisable...

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Withings  Steel  HR  Sport  Review:  Horology  Meets  Health 
27 days ago by vrzone
Brian Solis was recently featured in the 30 Days of Genius podcast series of Chase Jarvis Live on CreativeLive, where they discussed experience design, the topic of Brian’s book, “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.”
brian+solis  chase  jarvis  Experience  Design  podcast  x  X:  The  When  Business  Meets  brian  solis 
12 weeks ago by briansolis
Futurist Frank Diana Names X “Book Of The Week”
Futurist Frank Diana names X “Book of the Week”:

Excerpt: The book of the week for the week of January 14th is X: The Experience when Business meets Design by @briansolis. Find this and other great books in my book library…
book  of  the  week  brian+solis  Frank  Diana  futurist  X  X:  Experience  When  Business  Meets  Design  brian  solis 
january 2019 by briansolis
Versatility Meets Simplicity in the SkyBell HD Video Doorbell - Titan Alarms in Tulsa
Home security is a growing concern for many people. Maintaining a home security system with Titan Alarms in TUlsa is easy and affordable.
Versatility  Meets  Simplicity  in  the  SkyBell  HD  Video  Doorbell  -  Titan  Alarms  Tulsa 
october 2018 by LocalBusiness

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