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How to Run Inclusive Meetings · Franklin Hu
Peer review and feedback season is well upon us, and one of the most frustrating pieces of feedback I’ve received (and regrettably given) is “you should talk more in meetings.”
1 hour ago by moonhouse
10 Questions To Ask Your Team Every Week
Great questions for 1-on-1s, performance reviews, etc.
work  meetings 
3 days ago by cmagnuson
20 Ice Breakers to Make Your Next Meeting Fun
Meetings can be fun and productive. Use these icebreakers to unify teams, get meeting buy-in and learn more about them to become a better manager.
meetings  communication  facilitation 
5 days ago by enslrhs82
Meetings vs Making (Design at IBM)
Дизайн-менеджер IBM Sandra Tipton даёт советы дизайнерам по планированию большого количества встреч. Как выделить важные и второстепенные, как сокращать их в зависимости от целей и вовлечённости.
UX  management  meetings  issue  tips 
7 days ago by jvetrau
Help filtering Outlook calendar message in TBird • mozillaZine Forums
This thread goes over some tips on getting Thunderbird to filter Outlook meeting invites.
thunderbird  filters  email  2005  outlook  meetings  work 
7 days ago by handcoding

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