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The Carbon Dioxide in a Crowded Room Can Make You Dumber
When researchers from SUNY Upstate Medical University and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory put 24 healthy young adults in an enclosed room and tested their decision-making ability at different levels of carbon dioxide concentration routinely experienced in crowded rooms, they found that the participants' performance declined significantly.
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community/ at master · istio/community
Istio governance material. Contribute to istio/community development by creating an account on GitHub.
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How to Get Your To-Do List Done When You’re Always in Meetings
So you keep waiting for the “perfect time” to sit down and knock out the whole project in one go. But meetings keep interfering and your presentation languishes on your to-do list, weighing heavily on your mind until you can’t escape it any longer. In a flurry of activity, you work day and night to get it done. You meet the deadline, but suffer in the process and dread the next time you need to finish another large task. This cycle of knowing what your most important priority is, but feeling like meetings keep you from doing it, can be incredibly frustrating. But as a time management coach, I’ve seen that even if this way of working has been your life-long pattern, you can develop a more sustainable and less stressful approach to projects. Here are some tips on how to get project work done even when you need to start and stop for meetings.
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7 Tipps für eine effizientere Kommunikation im Unternehmen
Effiziente Kommunikation im Unternehmen hat eine zentrale Bedeutung für die Produktivität jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters. Je mehr Kommunikationskanäle, umso mehr Verwirrung. Je mehr Kommunikationskanäle, desto mehr Zeit wird mit dem Suchen nach Informationen verbraucht.
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How to Run an Effective Networking Dinner
After the initial kibitzing, I recommend standing up and doing a small toast (if it’s a dinner meeting) and introduce a “topic.” For boards this can be an issue you’ve been debating as a management team that you don’t plan to cover off at the board meeting or you can even go a little bit more fun and introduce a “get to know you” topic if the group is newer.
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2-hour-long meetings can impair cognitive functioning
'Study shoes three people in a conference room over 2 hours can result in a Co2 level that can impair cognitive functioning. Ie. If you’re making decisions at the end of the meeting, you’re mentally less qualified to do so.'

Well, I'd say that fatigue could also result in this, but it's interesting to see how unhealthy the typical office environment can be. (via Jeff Dean)
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Two Things to Do After Every Meeting - Harvard Business Review - Pocket
Steve Jobs insisted that every item on a meeting agenda have a designated person responsible for that task and any follow-up work that happened. He called that person the DRI—the Directly Responsible Individual.
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