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What are some good tips for 1:1s with your employees? What's the best way to give them both positive and negative feedback? - Quora
Don't cancel them. The easiest way to communicate to an employee that they're not important is to cancel their 1:1, no matter what the reason. If a conflict comes up, try to reschedule the 1:1 at another time on the same day, and apologize for doing so. Cancelling a 1:1 is worse than never scheduling one at all.
Let them drive (to start). Don't start a 1:1 by piling more work on employees. Encourage them to drive the agenda and bring a list of things they'd like your advice on or to discuss. You can try to bring these out by simply asking, "What can I help you with?"
Go fishing. Ask open-ended questions to try to ferret out concerns. They can be questions about a specific project ("How's project X going?") or even more broad ("What's keeping you up at night lately?").
Be transparent and honest. By encouraging your employees to raise real concerns you're going to get some tough questions. If you can't answer them, tell your employee that. If you do choose to answer, answer honestly and err on the side of transparency. If they point out a problem on the team acknowledge it and respond by telling them what you're doing to fix it. If they think they're due for a promotion and you don't, reset their expectations by doing a gap analysis.
Discuss career development. Every few 1:1's make sure to step away from project discussions and have a higher-level discussion about the employee's career and satisfaction on the team. These are sometimes called "stay interviews". Check in on what the employee's specific goals are and what they think will make them satisfied in their job in the coming months. If their goal is to be promoted, review the different things they need to achieve or demonstrate to move them further down that path.
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Meet your objective - or don't meet at all. Pinstriped is the easy way to run shorter and more focused meetings.
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8 days ago by gabe_g2i
How to Batch Cancel All Outlook Meetings Scheduled in a Specific Date Range
If you want to cancel all meetings scheduled in a specific date range in your Outlook, you can use the means introduced in this article. It can save you from searching and canceling such meetings manually.
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10 days ago by DataNumen
Why Office Buildings Should Run Like Spaceships - WSJ
“By 2 p.m., the CO2 level in the office is like 1,000 parts per million,” says Mr. Kott. That’s about 2 ½ times the current level of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. According to a recent study from researchers at Harvard University, Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University, that level is high enough to decrease cognitive performance in knowledge workers by 15%. Many offices have high levels of carbon dioxide, but the worst offenders are meeting rooms, where carbon-dioxide levels can reach 3,000 ppm // meetings make you twice as dumb?
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Meetings That Don’t Suck - Break free from the tyranny of the conference room - Ken Norton
For most of us, and certainly for most of your team, meetings are the least productive part of our day. Yet too many brilliant people are stuck in too many meetings. Meeting cultures begat more meetings, and the downward cycle continues, crippling productivity and crushing psyches. via Pocket
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Instant Agenda - Focused meetings. Outcomes, not chatter.
Run faster, more effective meetings. Prepare meeting agendas, notes, action items, email summaries: a simple web and mobile app for awesome meetings!
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