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Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, Video Calls - BlueJeans
Cloud-based meetings and large interactive events that are simple, scalable and secure.
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4 days ago by zeest
Why are conversations limited to about four people? A theoretical exploration of the conversation size constraint - ScienceDirect
Which might suggest freeform conversations in meetings only really work well at 4 or less people, or else you have the ritual/social equivalent of a conch token to control speakers (which effectively cuts speaker count to compensate). The take that you are effectively tracking potentially 8 "endpoints" also suggests some connection with memory limits (you generally can handle 7 things simultaneously, maybe don't count yourself?)
psychology  conversation  audio  social  studies  meeting  speaker  size  constraint  cognitive  limit 
4 days ago by asteroza
A silent meeting is worth a thousand words – Square Corner Blog – Medium
Include those with a softer voice - women, minorities, remote workers, introverts. Be focused. Leave notes accessible and scalable for anyone else in the org.
silent  meeting  management 
6 days ago by dandv
Bloomsbury Event Venue | 20 Bedford Way
20 Bedford Way is located in the heart of Bloomsbury in Central London. Our unique events venue can cater for Bloomsbury events for between 9 and 930 people
venue  training  meeting  london 
9 days ago by alpinegizmo
The Earl Grey Room | Business | CCT Venues - Docklands
The Earl Grey Room is a small meeting and training space with plenty of natural daylight to keep your delegates alert and engaged.
venue  training  london  meeting 
9 days ago by alpinegizmo
A silent meeting is worth a thousand words – Square Corner Blog – Medium
The first time I went through such a meeting, it felt a little bit odd, but I quickly realize how much more we were getting done in the same amount of time. This works well with any kind of group review. Give it a go.
meeting  advise  TIL  management 
14 days ago by niyue

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