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[A note: Our brilliant editor Dee worked on this interview with Charlotte before moving on to her new role at the Munk School of Global Affairs. via Pocket
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Big Data, Small Effort
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A Quantum Achievement: But it’s Just the Beginning – Mozilla Tech – Medium
I recommended “A Quantum Achievement: But it’s Just the Beginning” on @Medium
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How to talk like a Product Designer – Xander Pollock – Medium
Some of that is just time. It takes time to feel like you’re part of a community. It takes time to decipher a community’s rituals, understand their heroes and history. But, there are some shortcuts to understanding and participating in a community.
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A Simple Approach to Monitoring Cloud Services – Sarah Terry – Medium
I recommended “A Simple Approach to Monitoring Cloud Services” on @Medium
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I recommended “Web Brutalism; Ugly is the New Black” on @Medium
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Who Filters Your News? Why we built – Ethan Zuckerman – Medium
I recommended “Who Filters Your News? Why we built” on @Medium
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The evolution of the media landscape (and why you probably won’t finish this article)
When Gutenberg disrupted the scribing industry in 1440, he created the means for mass communication and paved the way for the Age of Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the scientific revolution. However, he could never have imagined the modern media landscape that we now inhabit.
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Drawing images using edge detection and SVG animation
Back in the days SVG was barely used and supported. Some time after we started using them as an alternative to classic bitmaps for some icons, and finally we discovered it was the holy grail for providing responsive graphics.
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The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year – The Mission – Medium
A few weeks ago, I met a CMO named Yvette in the office kitchen at OpenView Venture Partners. She was chewing on a bagel during a lunch break from the VC firm’s all-day speaker event, and she was…
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Updates on Netflix’s Container Management Platform – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
I recommended “Updates on Netflix’s Container Management Platform” on @Medium
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