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Audio Dharma - Introduction to Meditation
Several times a year Gil Fronsdal offers a 5 or 6 week instructional series for beginning meditators. These classes provide a good overview of insight meditation practice as well as many guided meditation sessions which help the student learn how to establish and sustain a daily meditation practice.
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How to Start Natural Meditation with Dean Sluyter
Meditation expert and author Dean Sluyter teaches the practice of “natural” meditation. In the video above, he explains how to get into the proper mindset, how often one should meditate, and how to avoid the common problem of “trying” to meditate.
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Headspace design chief Anna Charity on rebranding meditation
Doreen Lorenzo: How did you find design? Or did design find you? Anna Charity: From an early age I was always into the visual side of things. I remember my mom would be like, “Where’s Anna?” And I’d be locked away in my room drawing.
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I meditated for 35+ hours last week. Here’s what... - Daniel Colossus DiPiazza
Across about 15 meditations, I experienced states of blissfully calm visualization — and other, more out-of-body experiences that were not unlike some of my deepest journeys using psychedelics.

One thing I found most interesting was how physically challenging the entire week was. This “retreat” was not about relaxation. These were 14-16 hour days designed to capitalize on compounded effort over a short period of time to help build the skill of meditation.

In between guided sessions, we dove into concepts that helped create more context around why we were doing what we were doing. Dispenza is a brilliant teacher with seemingly endless knowledge on a wide variety of subjects and has the distinct ability to wade far out into uncharted territory and somehow make it back home in a single lecture.

I felt like I was being hit with a firehose stream of information. It took serious commitment to do that much work in such a short time and I was exhausted by the end of the week. But I could tell new pathways had been created in my brain. I felt my perspective on the world expand tremendously to match the new information presented.

Since the event, my meditation practice has become much more meaningful — and rather than seeing it as something that I should just “get through” for 20-30 minutes per day, I’ve really begun to enjoy the feeling of sinking into a long period of time with the self.

I’ve adopted new strategies for going deeper as well — including some pretty intense breath work exercises that have the power to create vivid visualizations that feel more real than my waking life.

I’ve developed much more sensitivity to what my brain and heart actually feel like when they are operating inside of me. Through the work, I’ve been learning to consciously control autonomic functions and can slow down my brain waves and heart rate at will through thought alone.

I feel like a Jedi discovering the Force for the first time.
yesterday by lwhlihu
A Whole Lotta Vipassana — Roden Explorers Archive
Closing out the summer with far too many words about my Vipassana experience below. But first, some news: Jan Chipchase and I are assembling a little creative / entrepreneurial / disconnection / retreat called “Focus” in the Japanese Alps this October.
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The Health Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation: The Science Behind The Practice | SELF
We hear a lot about the benefits of meditation. But what does the science say when it comes to treating pain, depression, and more?
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3 days ago by cito
Episode 44: App Culture: Mindfulness and Meditation Apps – AppStories
Federico and John talk about the trends and app culture surrounding mindfulness and meditation apps.
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4 days ago by andyhuey
How meditation changes your brain waves
Daniel Goleman: My co-author of the book Altered Traits is a neuroscientist, Richard Davidson. He has a lab at the University of Wisconsin.
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A Soft Murmur
Online ambient sound generator.
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