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Recovery Breathing – Learn this breathing technique and you’ll never experience muscle soreness again!
This website will give you everything you need to completely remove DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) within day two after exercise. Too good to be true? Its not really difficult to understand if you read though this site. The science is all there. No secrets. Readily available to anyone who care to look for it. The practice, its also here.…
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Martin Faulks | Martin Faulks - Meditation expert
This is the Website for Meditation specialist and Martial Arts explorer Martin Faulks
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Jack Dorsey missed the point of meditation on his Myanmar retreat
The problem with this—apart from indicating Dorsey’s inability to truly detach from technology—is that it misses the point of the very practice he was engaged in. Spiritual practice can’t be measured, not in quantifiable terms, and the notion of “best meditations” is problematic.


Indeed, if Dorsey’s retreat had really “succeeded” he probably would not have tweeted about it at all. And we’d have nothing to criticize because he would have realized that he doesn’t need to publicize his activities in order to confirm his existence and gain the approval of others.
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The Word Encountered | Saint Louis University Sunday Web Site
"I used to think this passage referred to the contrast between the saved and the lost. My prayer was to be in the happy granary, not burnt in the fire.

But this is clearly a misreading of the Baptist’s words. The fire is part of the baptism in Jesus and his spirit. Fire is not the fate of the lost, but the refining of the blessed. We all have our chaff, our dross, our waste. We all have our winnowing. And it is the fire of Christ that will burn it away. The burdens we carry do not make us unfit for Advent’s message. They qualify is as prime candidates.

The only exit from Dante’s Purgatorio was a wall of fire. Once the pain was burned away by love, the other side was Paradise, sheer joy."
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Jack's meditation
Twitter + Square CEO talks about a 10 day demanding meditation retreat
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3 days ago by nelson
Hacking inner peace
The principal calls this a mindful school. Johane Ligondé is effusively warm but with the kind of emotional solidity you'd expect from someone who wakes each morning to manage more than 1,000 kids at the only public middle school in the village of Freeport in Long Island, New York.
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Reflection: Waking Up from Limiting Beliefs (8 min.) - Tara Brach
A guided reflection meditation that addresses limiting beliefs surrounding interpersonal conflict – from the ending of the “Real but Not True” talk.
6 days ago by SarahHolyfield

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