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The Heroism of Incremental Care | The New Yorker
Atul Gawande on incremental, continual maintenance vs. acute, crisis actions. Surgery vs. primary care, road building vs. maintenance.
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2 days ago by johnmfrench
Diagonal Earlobe Creases, Type A Behavior and the Death of Emperor Hadrian
“A chance observation of prominent bilateral diagonal earlob creases on a bust of Hadrian in the Athens National Museum (Figure 1) led me to seek other sculptures of Hadrian to determine how characteristic this feature was of the emperor.”
medicine  ear-lobe  rome  hadrian  congestive-cardiac-failure 
2 days ago by aidan
Diagonal ear lobe crease and atherosclerosis: A review of the medical literature and dental implications
“Men with DELC (unilateral or bilateral) had a risk of cardiovascular cause of death of 1.55 times higher than those without a crease. Women with a DELC (unilateral or bilateral) had a risk of cardiovascular cause of death of 1.74 times higher than those without a crease.”
medicine  congestive-cardiac-failure  ear-lobe 
2 days ago by aidan
Inside a Massive, Successful Effort to Stop Prescribing So Many Opioids – Mother Jones
One medical group has figured out a way to sidestep the dangerously addictive drugs.
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3 days ago by incep
MSF Medical Guidelines
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been producing medical guidelines for over 25 years to help practitioners in the field. The contents of these guidelines are based on scientific data collected from MSF’s experiences, the World Health Organisation (WHO), other renowned international medical institutions and medical and scientific journals.
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4 days ago by pgorrindo
IBM pitched Watson as a revolution in cancer care. It's nowhere close
Three years after IBM began selling Watson for Oncology to recommend cancer treatments, it's falling short of the lofty expectations IBM created for it.
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5 days ago by wwwald

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