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... the idea that stopping antibiotic treatment early encourages antibiotic resistance is not supported by evidence, while taking antibiotics for longer than necessary increases the risk of resistance
With little evidence that failing to complete a prescribed antibiotic course contributes to antibiotic resistance, it’s time for policy makers, educators, and doctors to drop this message, argue Martin Llewelyn and colleagues
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Rule that patients must finish antibiotics course is wrong, study says
Patients have traditionally been told that they must complete courses of antibiotics, the theory being that taking too few tablets will allow the bacteria causing their disease to mutate and become resistant to the drug.
But Martin Llewelyn, a professor in infectious diseases at Brighton and Sussex medical school, and colleagues claim that this is not the case. In an analysis in the British Medical Journal, the experts say “the idea that stopping antibiotic treatment early encourages antibiotic resistance is not supported by evidence, while taking antibiotics for longer than necessary increases the risk of resistance”.
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Professor Tim Peto - Experimental Medicine Division
Price JR , Crook DW , Walker AS , Peto TEA , Llewelyn MJ , Paul J . 2017.Staphylococcus aureus in critical care - Authors' reply. Lancet Infect Dis , 17 (6),pp.…
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The antibiotic course has had its day | The BMJ
Martin J Llewelyn , professor of infectious diseases , Jennifer M Fitzpatrick , specialist registrar in infection , Elizabeth Darwin , project manager ,…
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Prescription video games may be the future of medicine - The Verge
A new episode of Next Level explores whether certain video games can improve cognitive function
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Snake Oil Salesmen Were on to Something - Scientific American
Snake oil really is a cure for what ails you, if that happens to be arthritis, heart disease or maybe even depression
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A radical new hypothesis in medicine: give patients drugs they know don’t work - Vox
Why the placebo effect is weirder and potentially more useful than we imagined.
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