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Schisandra: China's Most Potent Medicinal Berry
Sweet — Sweet herbs, such as chai, an herb used to make a popular tea, help restore energy and balance your immune system
Salty — High in minerals, an example of a salty herb is nettle, used to nourish, even as it exerts diuretic effects
Sour — A perfect model for the sour taste, lemon water is prized for its ability to promote digestion and build strength and stamina
Bitter — As herbs, “bitters” are used to stimulate digestion, treat inflammation and exert an oddly cooling, draining effect on your body, akin to drinking coffee
Pungent — This taste is savory and spicy; cayenne is a good example
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may 2019 by bekishore
A Modern Herbal | Nettles
Providing botanical, folk-lore and herbal information, plus organic herbs, and herbal products.
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march 2019 by dbassendine
Positive Health Online | Article - Medicinal Application of Caribbean Herbs
The Caribbean region is more than just a sun and sand holiday destination. It is considered to be one of 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world and is certainly a hotspot for medicinal plants.
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january 2018 by herbalmedicine

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