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Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74 | Alternet
In 1974 researchers learned that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, shrank or destroyed brain tumors in test mice. But the DEA quickly shut down the study and destroyed its results, which were never replicated -- until now.
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Medicinal Cannabis - Educational Documentary - Cannabinoid Compounds - YouTube
THE SEMINAL VIDEO PRODUCTION ABOUT CANNABIS OIL. It runs 1hr22min26sec ~ In my estimation this the best investment for any person who wants to know how and why Cannabis Oil cures any number of "incurable" diseases, as well as how to make "Rick Simpson's Oil." RSO is not the last word on producing the best quality cannabis oil possible, but it is an essential beginning: Numerous cancers treated successful listed at the beginning of documentary ... YouTube link contains a TREASURE TROVE OF CANNABIS RESEARCH LINKS Mobile Version - Legalize - Cannabinoid Research on PubMed
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1000 Pages of MEDICAL CANNABIS Research Links (Grannys List January 2013)
So much has happened in the six months since I put out the July 2012 List. Cannabis has been legalized in two states, which has encouraged other states to consider legalization. The news about cannabidiolΓÇÖs effect on various cancers with the ID-1 gene has finally made it intothe mainstream media. Medical studies on cannabis and other cannabinoids are coming out at an amazing pace! In the whole of 1992, there were only 123 studies on ΓÇ£cannabinoidsΓÇ¥ at PubMed. A mere six weeks into this year, there are already 195! Quite a difference for just adecade!And those new studies are confirming the importance of the Omega3 / CB receptor connection, investigating the effects of gene mutations affecting the endocannabinoid system, aswell as delving into the mechanisms of exactly how cannabinoids heal us! Science is becomingaware of the almost unlimited potential of the endocannabinoid system for healing and the prevention of diseas
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