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A Doctor Says a Woman Died From a Brain-Eating Amoeba After Using a Neti Pot. Are They Safe?
“The reason that you can get brain infections by nasal irrigation, as opposed to swallowing tap water or bathing in tap water, is that the roof of the nose is one of the only parts of the human body where there’s a direct extension of the brain and central nervous system into the outside world,”
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Cast of the Right Bronchial Tree | NEJM
Guy who coughed up a blood clot shaped like his right lung
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WeShareMD – Shared Medical Suites
Virtual Office - $150 - Virtual Office package comes with a physical address, onsite mail and package collection services
Bronze Clinic - $300 - 1 clinic(4 hr block)
Silver Clinic - $2,700 - 10 clinics
Gold Clinic - $4,800 - 20 clinics.
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