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NYC Tape to Digital
Open Reel Analog - Tape To Digital

Teac 3340S - 4 Track 1/4" Reeel-to-Reel: 7" / 10" Tapes at 15ips / 7 1/2 ips
Revox PR99 - 2 Track 1/4" Reeel-to-Reel 7" / 10" Tapes at 15ips / 7 1/2 ips
Tape Shedding / Older Vintage Analog Tapes - can bake tapes - will try our best / not responsible if tapes can not play
Audio Cassette - Tape To Digital

Tascam 122 MK III Cassette Deck 1 7/8 ips - 3 Servo Motors / 3 Head Pro Mastering Deck - 1 7/8 ips and 3 3/4 ips Audio Cassette Tape Transfer
Special Rates: we don't have a Cassette Portastudio - however we can transfer / align Portastudio Tapes (2 trks at a time) - using Tascam 122 MK III - Aligning tracks extra
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january 2018 by Jibarosoy
Convert It :: Audio Reels
Reel to Reel Tape Memories Preserved for the Future
Reel to Reel audio tapes were once the only way to record sound. They were commonly used in the broadcasting and music industries for recording radio shows and bands. Now, of course, recordings are all digital and this technology is no longer used.

But you may have old reels tucked away gathering dust and deteriorating. Now is a good time to have them converted to digital to ensure they last a much longer period of time.

What we do:
We inspect the reel tape.
The tapes are digitised, with individual tracks split out for easy navigation.
All discs are labelled. 
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january 2018 by Jibarosoy
Professional Reel-to-Reel Transfers | CD or MP3. Since 1999
Reel 2 Reel 2 CD specializes in transferring Reel-to-Reel tape to CD, or MP3.  We have been doing this for the past 17 years.  During those years we have cultivated a great reputation allowing us to do work with organizations such as,  John Hopkins University, Parris Island Marine Base and Carnegie Hall just to name a few. We help our customers recover recordings made 40, 50 even 60 years ago. Our experience and expertise in this field enables us to handle each and every transfer with ease and confidence. Any speed, any head configuration. If it was recorded on quarter-inch magnetic tape we can transfer it to CD, MP3 or other digital format and make it sound better in the process.
Long ago someone pushed record, now it's time for you to push play.
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january 2018 by Jibarosoy
Boil the Frog
Create a seamless playlist between any two artists
march 2017 by hermionemalfoy
Marconi Union - Weightless (Official Video) - YouTube
There’s a song that’s been proven to reduce anxiety by 65%. It’s called Weightless by Macaroni Union, and it was specifically designed to slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and lower cortisol levels. It’s so effective that it’s dangerous to drive while listening to it because it can make you drowsy.
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february 2017 by hermionemalfoy
BBC Radio 4 - Wittgenstein's Jet
Ray Monk ‏@Raymodraco 2 Jan 2015
Interesting programme on Wittgenstein's jet engine on which I pop up now & then to provide a bit of context.
wittgenstein  media:audio 
september 2016 by sorites
Listen to the sounds of 18th century Paris
Quote: "This urban soundscape was recreated based on documents from the period, including Le Tableau de Paris, published in 1781 by Louis-Sebastien Mercier, and the work of historians like Arlette Farge, a specialist on the 18th century, Alain Corbin, known for his research on the history of the senses, and Youri Carbonnier, an authority on houses built on bridges. The audio tour includes sounds like the cackling of birds in the poultry market, the hum of flies drawn to the fishmongers’ stalls, the sound of the loom at the woollen mill that used to stand at one end of the Pont au Change, that of the scrapers in the tanneries on Rue de la Pelleterie, of typesetting at the print shop on Rue de Gesvres… all overlaid with the incessant cries of the seagulls that came to feed on the city’s heaps of waste....".
soundscapes  Paris  France  history  urbs  media:audio  in:BoingBoing  C18 
january 2016 by Protalina
Racial Bias In Ferguson, And Beyond | On Point with Tom Ashbrook
There's a section where a police officer from Weston, MA expresses why he's fears/hates black people.
ferguson  police_brutality  police  media:audio  racial_profiling  bigotry  bigotry_against_black_people 
march 2015 by Paqi
Astronomy Cast.
Take a facts-based journey through the universe.
podcast  astronomy  science  space  podcasts  cosmology  !rated  audio  av  media:audio 
february 2015 by jaysen
This Week In Blackness Radio | #TWIBRADIO - @TWIBprime 561 | The Ferguson Debrief | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand
Aug 25, 2014 // 87 minutes
#TeamBlackness welcome Elon James White back from Ferguson to discuss what he saw on the ground and the massive failure of the mainstream media to cover the real story.

[This dude and his team are amazing - and hilarious, somehow. Everything about the way this was covered by the MSmedia is offensive.]
other:racism  media:audio 
september 2014 by hermionemalfoy

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