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About Tomorrow
Essay on the fear of reducing variability within the feedback systems of our lives.
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22 hours ago by countfloortiles
Snap Lost More Money In Three Months Than It’s Made In Its Entire Existence
A $2.2 billion loss and meek user growth have driven Snap's stock down.
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yesterday by markhgn
Facebook’s algorithm isn’t surfacing one-third of our posts. And it’s getting worse.
So here we are. The data show that we are having the fewest number of our most successful posts and the most of our least successful at a time when our strategy hasn’t significantly changed and our fans have grown.
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yesterday by markhgn
Ad Contrarian Newsletter #69
Over the course of a year, they did a week-by-week study comparing online chatter with real talk - "the conversations people have in person with family, friends, colleagues at work"  - for 500 brands.
influencer  marketing  social  media  share  voice  research  study  myth 
yesterday by markhgn
A Brief History of the GIF, From Early Internet Innovation to Ubiquitous Relic | History | Smithsonian
What do Barack Obama, the sloth from Zootopia, and a bear waving its paw have in common? All were named “most popular in 2016” for that most zeitgeist-y of Internet memes: animated GIFs.
animated  gif  file  format  gifs  history  images  internet  media  moving  image  teaching  stream 
yesterday by therourke
Reuters Institute Digital News Report
Yearly digital news report covering 36 countries. Some really good information on how media outlets around the world are performing and where they broadly sit on the political spectrum.
There were no closures in the newspaper
sector. However, comparing the last six
months of 2016 with the same period a
year earlier, all major news titles suffered
a decline in circulation. The two major
broadsheets, the Irish Times and the Irish
Independent, were both down 10%.34 In
September 2016, Independent News and
Media announced their intention to
acquire the regional newspaper group
Celtic Media. However, the acquisition
remains under review.
media  news  report  reuters  oxford  online  paper 
yesterday by dohalloran
How the Economics of Journalism Explains Information Bubbles - The Atlantic
Pinsker: In the attempts to arrive at that kind of understanding, what kinds of stories are likely to get told and which ones get ignored?

Hamilton: I think there are five incentives that lead information to be created. “Pay me”—that’s the subscription model. “I want to sell your attention to somebody else”—that’s advertising. “I want to change how you think about the world”—that’s nonprofit. “I want your vote”—that's partisan. And “I just want to talk”—that's expression. All of those incentives are biased against telling the stories of low-income people. They’re not subscribers, their attention is worth less to advertisers, they vote in lower numbers, and in some cases they’re not linked up to broadband, so you’re not hearing their voices on the internet. And they’re definitely not donors to nonprofits. So there’s a bias against telling stories from their perspective.
media  journalism  Trump 
yesterday by thegrandnarrative
Adobe Spark
Adobe’s web app for creating social media content. Also has three iOS companion apps.
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yesterday by Puddingstone
Experian purchases String Automotive | Auto Remarketing
The DPS blends a dealer’s website analytics and inventory data with market data and consumer demographic/purchase behavior data, Gray said in the blog.

“Simply put, it takes the pulse of each dealership’s local market and guides dealers to make the most profitable, proactive decisions for every store and unique situation,” Gray said.
data  technology  media 
yesterday by automotive
CDK signs deal to buy Auto/Mate | Auto Remarketing
CDK Global announced Wednesday morning that it has signed a deal to acquire Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, a DMS provider.

CDK said in a news release it will integrate the Auto/Mate DMS into its product offering.
retail  tier3  media 
yesterday by automotive
Jumpstart introduces as new publishing partner | AR Canada, the first Canadian website to offer a digital-only vehicle marketplace, according to Jumpstart, provides greater Toronto area consumers with research information, vehicle pricing tools and new and used-car listings.
media  canada 
yesterday by automotive
The affective politics of keeping it real
Why real nobodies are more powerful than repressed somebodies (the internet epoch has hardly begun).
unaffiliated  left-wing  politics  institutions  academia  media  decentralized  trust  integrity  realness  truth  info-dynamics 
yesterday by nhaliday Appoints Company Veteran Jennifer Newman as Editor-in-Chief
As Editor-in-Chief, Newman will lead efforts to expand and grow's diverse content offering ranging from car reviews and videos to news content and original reporting. Under her leadership,'s editorial team will be tasked with innovating the way they package and deliver highly relevant and exciting content to consumers.
yesterday by automotive
Will social media kill the novel? Andrew O'Hagan on the end of private life | Books | The Guardian
Writers thrive on privacy, not on Twitter. What does a world in which our interior lives are played out online mean for the novel? It is a call to action, argues the novelist Writers thrive on privacy, not on Twitter.
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2 days ago by jeffhammond

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