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Fake News Is Not the Only Problem – Data & Society: Points
Points: Buckle up for a longer than usual Points post, friends (and don’t worry, there are lots of illustrations). Gilad Lotan, Chief Data Scientist at betaworks, chaperones us through some trends in how conversation and attention are being shaped online and argues they present a larger problem than “fake news.” How can the ideal of an informed public be defended? — Ed.
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The future of the open internet — and our way of life — is in your hands by Quincy Larson
'The war for the open internet is the defining issue of our time. It’s a scramble for control of the very fabric of human communication. And human communication is all that separates us from the utopia that thousands of generations of our ancestors slowly marched us toward — or the Orwellian, Huxleyan, Kafkaesque dystopia that a locked-down internet would make possible. -- By the end of this article, you’ll understand what’s happening, the market forces that are driving this, and how you can help stop it. We’ll talk about the brazen monopolies who maneuver to lock down the internet, the scrappy idealists who fight to keep it open, and the vast majority of people who are completely oblivious to this battle for the future.' -- New landlords same as the old landlords
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"62% say they’ve shared information about products and offers on social media"
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America’s Most Anti-Reform Institution? The Media - WSJ
As team Trump digs into taxing, spending and health-care reform, it’s learning a vital lesson of Washington. Once a government benefit is given, it can never be taken away. If young people have been overcharged by ObamaCare so middle-aged people can be undercharged, then the solution is to undercharge young people too. The taxpayer—usually visualized as a hedge fund manager—can always pay more.
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