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The First Moral Panic: London, 1744 | JSTOR Daily
Moral panics are instances of mass fear of something said to threaten the very basis of society, whether that’s witchcraft, an unconventional aspect of sexuality, crime, or something else. Twentieth-century examples include the juvenile delinquency and comic book scares of the 1950s and the alleged satanic child abuse cases of the 1980-1990s. Such panics are fostered by mass media and exploited by self-appointed moralists and politicians.

...According to Ward, experts have outlined six stages of crime wave moral panics. Those stages are:

1) A crime or series of crimes garner(s) media attention.
2) The media hypes the threat.
3) As a result of more news about crime, more crime gets reported to the police.
4) The crime rate is therefore judged to be higher than thought by media and law enforcement.
5) “New and heavier control and punishment measures are introduced.”
6) The panic fades away in a couple of months, but the new methods for controlling and punishing become the new norm.
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38 minutes ago by thegrandnarrative
Chemipure Blue - Boyd Enterprises
Chemi-pure Blue is specially created for fantastic results in reef and marine aquariums. Our NEW proprietary blend of premium, low-dust pelleted carbon and high capacity ion-exchange resins are skillfully combined to create a superior all-in-one filter media in a nylon bag. Chemi-pure Blue significantly reduces organic compounds and phosphates while raising redox and helping stabilize pH for a healthy, crystal clear aquarium.
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8 hours ago by rsewan
Seachem - Purigen
Purigen® is a premium synthetic adsorbent that is unlike any other filtration product. It is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water at a rate and capacity that exceeds all other competing products by over 500%. Purigen® controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would otherwise release these harmful compounds. Purigen’s impact on trace elements is minimal. It significantly raises redox.
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8 hours ago by rsewan
Does Facebook Need a Constitution?
Infowars has, among other things, claimed that the Sandy Hook shootings were a staged “false flag” event, that Democrats were planning on launching a civil war on July 4, and that the government is putting chemicals in the water that are turning frogs gay. At the very least, setting “banning” aside, it seems less than ideal to allow a publication like that to represent itself on Facebook as a “News & Media Website.” Similarly, Holocaust deniers are engaged in a specific political project intended to diminish the impact of anti-Semitism and rehabilitate the Nazi state. It’s naïve, at best, to say you can’t “impugn” their intent.

But at the same time, you can understand the company’s anxiety. It’s not just that Facebook is wary of activating the grievance machinery of modern conservatism (though it very obviously is), it’s also that it has a philosophical, institutional allergy to making qualitative judgments about truth and falsehood. And, frankly, shouldn’t it? I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to live in a world where Mark Zuckerberg gets to determine what counts as true and what doesn’t, even if he and I agree about Infowars and the Holocaust. (Especially since he seems to be under the impression that there’s some large portion of Holocaust deniers who are merely misinformed, not actively mendacious.)
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20 hours ago by ayjay
A Surreal Week of Excuse-Making at the White House
> The second former official added, “You have a lot of people who are just a bunch of small-timers and clowns, so when they fuck up a response, you almost can’t blame them because you knew what you were getting, you know? When you have people who suck at this and then they fuck up a response, you can’t really be angry. This is what you have. It’s like having a puppy that shits on the floor, you can’t get angry at the puppy. The puppy doesn’t know any better.”

> “I guess it’s like the puppy shat on the floor, and then they took the shit and they rubbed it all over the walls.”
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yesterday by nsfmc
Artquest encourages critical engagement and provides practical support to visual artists throughout their careers.
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10 Years of Giant Bomb - Giant Bomb
Hey, Giant Bomb has been around for an even decade now! We figured that we'd celebrate with a special hub showing some of best, and some of the "best," moments from Giant Bomb history. Enjoy!
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yesterday by dk33per
How to Get over Perfectionism (and Execute on Your Ideas) - The Buffer Blog
As marketers, we’re all too familiar with putting off executing on an idea. There’s always a perfectly good reason for this: the end goal hasn’t quite crystallized yet. The resources and budget need to be better thought through. The analytics systems in place don’t seem up to par. via Pocket
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