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Fox News Isn't A Normal Media Company. We Have To Stop Treating It Like One.
Complaining about, mocking, and pedantically fact-checking Fox is easy, and liberals have been doing all of the above since the Clinton administration. But removing it from polite society will be hard, and will require a nuanced conversation about the line between a free press, which most liberals cherish as an abstract ideal, and the reality of a far-right propaganda operation that has had a uniquely destructive effect on public life. Then again, that conversation is already underway, and no one has worked harder to delegitimize the free press than Fox News.

Boycotting Fox is also something that is within the power of consumers and activists to start doing at any time. It doesn’t require waiting for an election and it doesn’t depend on election results. It is well within the parameters of the law. It simply requires a well-organized, dedicated effort to make Fox radioactive for anyone who isn’t fully committed to advancing the conservative movement. Fox will still be a lucrative grift after that, because while the audience it caters to may be a small minority of Americans, but it is real, wealthy, and it will remain loyal. But imposing real financial and social consequences on the people who’ve built careers on spewing hate and misinformation is something we could have attempted years ago. Better late than never.

David Klion is a writer based in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in the Nation, the New York Times, the Guardian, and elsewhere. He tweets at @DavidKlion.
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Tech shoppers ditch desktop PCs and DVD players • Ofcom
<p>Ownership of digital devices such as smart TVs, smart watches and smartphones has grown significantly in recent years, as more people need a constant connection to the internet - internet users say they spend an average of 24 hours a week online.

By contrast, MP3 players, DVD players and desktop computers seem to be falling out of favour as smartphone use continues to grow, particularly for browsing and streaming.

Meanwhile, the popularity of tablets and e-readers seems to have peaked. Ownership of both is significantly higher than it was seven years ago, but has levelled out in the last few years.

<img src="" width="100%" />

Ofcom now measures ownership of smart speakers (owned by 13% of households) and virtual reality (VR) headsets (5%). The first VR headset went on sale in the UK in 2015 – a year earlier than smart speakers, which have been quicker to capture the imagination of tech shoppers.

Other emerging trends include wearable tech, such as smart watches and fitness trackers. One in five households now owns these devices, and ownership has been doubling every year since 2016.

Ian Macrae, Ofcom’s Director of Market Intelligence, said: “As technology evolves and transforms how we live our lives, the devices we rely on are constantly changing.

“The growth in popularity of streaming services has created tremendous demand for connected TVs, which for many people are replacing DVD players, and the smartphone is replacing several other devices at once.

“The range of connected devices is expanding rapidly. Smart speakers really took off last year and along with other smart home devices will again be ones to watch this year.”</p>
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Kronplatz in Südtirol wird Schauplatz der Eurobike Media Days 2019 | Pressebericht | EUROBIKE Show
Neue Eurobike-Partnerschaft mit Südtirol: Präsenz im Rahmen der Eurobike Media Days, zur Leitmesse am Bodensee und dem Mountainbike Marathon Hero Südtirol Dolomites Kronplatz/Bozen/Friedrichshafen - Wiedersehen in und mit Südtirol: In der fünften Auflage des Erfolgformates Eurobike Media Days t via Pocket
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54 NGOs (including us) representing and freedom sent a letter to the Council of the European Un…
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Netflix Dominates Internet Traffic Worldwide, BitTorrent Ranks Fifth - TorrentFreak
Nearly 14% of all internet traffic worldwide is generated by Netflix, new data from Sandvine shows. This makes the streaming giant the dominant traffic source. BitTorrent is listed in fifth place, which is driven in large part by traffic from the Asia-Pacific region, where the file-sharing protocol even beats Netflix.
Over the years we have closely followed various reports on Internet traffic changes, specifically in relation to BitTorrent.
Many of these came from the Canadian broadband management company Sandvine, which often focused on the popularity of different types of traffic in specific regions.
internet  netflix  HTTP/S  media  youtube  bittorrent 
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Regret-stergram – DHH – Medium
Chasing affection from people I mostly didn’t know, so I could please an ego that vowed not to care.


But it didn’t take long for the feelings to become mixed. While I was sharing beautiful pictures of beautiful things, it clearly wasn’t the whole story. I didn’t share many of the most beautiful discoveries or memories I was making writing software, reading philosophy, or building community. And I most certainly didn’t share any of the mundane or the hard or the tragic or the heartbreak. It was all visual pleasures.
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[Essay] The Gatekeepers by Mychal Denzel Smith | Harper's Magazine
“Black intellectuals,” Reed wrote, “need to address both black and white audiences, and those different acts of communication proceed from objectives that are distinct and often incompatible.”
gatekeeping  race  media 
19 hours ago by jomc
Blame Fox News for Fake News, Not Facebook
The highly asymmetric pattern of media ecosystems we observe on the right and the left, despite the fact that Facebook and Twitter usage is roughly similar on both sides, requires that we look elsewhere for what is causing the difference.Surveys make it clear that Fox News is by far the most influential outlet on the American right — more than five times as many Trump supporters reported using Fox News as their primary news outlet than those who named Facebook. And Trump support was highest among demographics whose social media use was lowest.
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