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Top 5 tools to protect internet privacy | CSO Online
According to Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis, the argument in favor of repealing the FCC’s privacy regulations applying to ISPs is flawed and misleading. Lobbyists maintained that giving ISPs the ability to gather and monetize user data would allow them to fairly compete with organizations such as Google and Facebook, which, they say, would introduce consistency across the internet to protect customer privacy and security.
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12 hours ago by briansolis
College admissions: Social media can actually help students - CNN
How #college #admissions depts use #socialmedia during selection process [survey]
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13 hours ago by csrollyson
How former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick could actually make a comeback
Another acquaintance of Kalanick’s, Brian Solis, principal analyst at the San Francisco-based research firm Altimeter Group, suggested Kalanick could come back after a period of time passes.
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14 hours ago by briansolis
Expanding the Medium Partner Program – 3 min read
We strongly believe that quality content needs to be paid for by consumers — not advertisers — so creators can do their best work, and to align the incentives of everyone involved. So, since March…
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22 hours ago by MattieTK

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