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Franklin Foer wants journalism to liberate itself from Facebook » Nieman Journalism Lab
The problem is that if Facebook were to acknowledge its ability to gate keep in that sort of way, it would piss a lot of people off, and it would actually highlight the extent of their power. The more that Facebook inserts itself into the middle of controversy, the more it stirs up enemies, the greater the likelihood of there being a movement to regulate Facebook.

I think Facebook is, to an extent, stuck.
facebook  socialmedia  socialnetworking  journalism  media  government 
7 hours ago by msszczep
(8) Sports, Interrupted | LinkedIn
The last point raises a provocative question: What is the true nature of sports fandom in the attention economy and how does it translate to the fundamental product structure and business model of sports? If there's one issue that might keep billionaire sports team owners and league commissioners awake at night, this may be it.
sport  media  future  content 
14 hours ago by gugelproductions
I Bullshitted My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week - VICE
Very VICE-y, but still very funny, story about pretending to be the person behind Georgio Peviani, a market-stall brand of jeans with a made-up name.
fashion  media  clothes  faking_it 
17 hours ago by johnmfrench
Manipulation : TED Radio Hour : NPR
Learn how hightech has unintended consequences that negatively affect your community and family--and are the root cause of most social & political problems today
manipulation  hightech  video  series  exceptional  exposé  social  media  smartphone  society  culture 
23 hours ago by csrollyson
Customer Success: An Experiential Social Media Business Application - YouTube
Short video on how experiential #socialmedia can make #customer #success more, er, successful
customer  success  experiential  social  media  video  pitfall  brand  ethos  empathy  reference 
yesterday by csrollyson

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