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Good Intentions Don’t Work — Nick Foy
Good intentions don’t work. They make us feel better for a short with phrases like “yes, that’s a problem, we should do something” give us a false sense that we actually did something, especially when done by an entire team. via Pocket
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11 weeks ago by scottpierce
Involute Spur Gear Builder
Involute spur gear builder with DXF output. Licensed under the MIT license ( Copyright 2014 Dr. Rainer Hessmer
cad  gears  3dprinting  digitalfabrication  FOSS  gear  machines  mechanisms  tools 
march 2019 by irrenhaus
Dead Body Cleanup Cell | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by Wikia
The Dead Body Cleanup Cell is a cross-shaped room where most characters encountered will appear when killed. Most entities in the room do not have anything equipped. The cell consists of two identical hallways crossed over one another made of cobblestone, and is lit with bright purple and green...
games  idioms  mechanisms  weird 
november 2018 by po
Wildly inaccurate drawings of bikes
cogsci  cycling  mechanisms 
august 2018 by pozorvlak
Green Steam Engine Home Page
This modern steam engine has a novel arrangement of pistons, valve gear and crank.
energy  mechanisms  invention  eco 
may 2018 by magnusc
Lifelike 3D printed moving critters
"The little robots rely on a transmission mechanism called "3Dimensional Cam," which allows their parts to roll in smooth, fluid, organic seeming motions. Scientists used complex curved surfaces and flexible structures available in 3D printing combined with the mechanisms using CAD to make these convincing critters. These robot-creatures can slide, crawl, slither, and rattle around a surface. "
robotics  mechanisms 
april 2018 by magnusc - Woodworking for engineers
Intricate wooden items, gears and mechanisms
wood  mechanisms  gears 
march 2018 by magnusc

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